1985 May 13th The Clash

Joe Strummer busks outside St James centre 1985  Thank you to John D Dempsey for this rare photo. 
©Gary D Dempsey 1985.

 The Clash played here the night before they "busked" at Coasters, announcing the following nights gig to a handfull of amazed patrons!   Joe Strummer was spotted busking by Hazel,  a friend of your author,  in Princess Street that day, she asked him what they were busking for?  Strummer said "beer money" and promptly offered her a drink from his beer can, he then asked her where La Sorbonne was!

Twisted Nerve at La Sorbonne.  Thank you to Jan for the photo
1985  15th August Nico & The Faction
1985  19th September The Three Johns
1985  25th September The Toy Dolls
1985  26th September Balaam & The Angel
2005  29th May The Arctic Monkeys (when the venue was known as Subway)
2005  13th September The Immortal Lee County Killers & The Black Diamond Heavies
Thank you to Paul McKean for the poster above.  Designed by Don Huggan.
2006  10th February This Bike Is a PipeBomb, I Stand Alone, xDuckstabx, Today We Fight, & 15 Minutes

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