Tiffany's November 1980.  Thank you to Ian for this scan.
        Photograph © Paul Francis taken 1986.  Thank you to Ian for this scan.
1966  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th December Little Richard        
1970  12th October Deep Purple
1971  16th February Elton John (cancelled due to exhaustion)
1976  10th May Frankie Miller Band, & Below The Belt
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster.  Poster design Paul Scullard.
1976  6th December John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett, plus Dragon
1976  13th December The Stranglers
1977  21st March The Damned
1977  4th April Ultravox with John Foxx
1977  11th April Cado Belle, & Skeets Boliver
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster.  Poster design Paul Scullard.Thank you to Iain Mackinnon for this picture of Maggie Reilly and Alan Darby of Cado Belle.  ©Iain Mackinnon.
1977  20th June The J.A.L.N. Band, & Joe's Diner 
1977  27th June Aswad, & Ignatz
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster.  Poster design Paul Scullard.
1977  4th July Ozo, & Jack Easy
1977  11th July The Saints, & Sale
Thank you to Gordon Dair for this poster.
1977  July 18th The Vibrators
1977  July 24th The 'O' Band, & Chico
1977  1st August The Lurkers, The Jolt, & Matt Vinyl AndThe Decorators
Not sure who played on the 8th August 1977.  If you look at the poster below you will see a discrepancy in the advertised bands. 
1977  8th August Radiator with Alan Hull, & Chakra
1977  8th August Joe's Diner, Jack Easy, Chakra, & Paris
Thank you to Dougie Mathieson for this poster.
1977  22nd August Chelsea, Cortinas, Alternative TV, & The Jolt
1977  23rd August The Rezillos
1977  24th August Radio Stars & Matt Vinyl & The Decorators
1977  25th August New Celeste, Finn McCuil, & The Medium Wave Band
1977  26th August The Swinging Blue Jeans
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1977  29th August The Cimarons & Vingibus
1977  30th August The Adverts
1977  31st August Elvis Costello

Thank you to Gordon for these pages from Bruce's Cripes fanzine.
1977  1st September Five Hand Reel & The Medium Wave Band
1977  2nd September The Nashville Teens
1977  5th September Rocky Rickets Show & Clayson & The Argonauts
Thank you to Oddfellow for this Elvis Costello signed flyer.

1977  6th September Ignatz & The Valves
1977  7th September The Boomtown Rats & The Exiles

1977  8th September Bert Jansch, & Medium Wave Band
1977  9th September Jet Harris & The Diamonds
1977  26th September Slik, & Skeets Boliver
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster.  Poster design Paul Scullard.
1977  3rd October Shakin' Steven & The Sunsets, & Chico
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster.  Poster design Paul Scullard.
1977  24th October The Only Ones, & The Valves
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1977  31st October Burlesque
1977  21st November Tom Robinson Band & No Dice
Thank you to Charles Laing for this flyer.
1978  9th January The Rich Kids
1978  16th January Steel Pulse

Thank you to Charles Laing for this ticket.
1978  23rd January Split Enz
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1978  13th February The Skids, Jack Easy, The Valves, & The Monos
1978  20th February The Cruisers, & The Cuban Heels
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1978  6th March The Pleasers, & The Monos
1978  13th March Wreckless Eric, & Channel 4
Thank you to Don Huggan for this poster.
1978  28th March The Skids, & The Freeze
1978  3rd April Elvis Costello
Thank you to Don Huggan for this ticket.
Thank you to Don Huggan for this rare colour version of this ticket.
1978  10th April The Saints, & The Torpedos
1978  18th April Cafe Jacques
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1978  25th April Racing Cars, & The Rumble Strips
1978  1st May Wilko Johnson Band & Blast Furnace & The Heatwaves
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
1978  2nd May The Skids, & The Verandah Boys
Thank you to Allan Smith for this rare poster.
The Skids at Tiffany's 2nd May 1978.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for this rare photo. ©Graham MacIndoe 1978.      
 Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.        
1978  8th May The Motors, Marseille, & The Jolt
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1978  9th May The Valves, & The Cuban Heels

Thank you to Simon Clegg for the above scan from Sounds dated February 14th 1981. 
Simon writes: This photo was my first or second photo assignment with the late Johnny Waller for 'Sounds' (now defunct) - the other being 'Weapon of Peace' at the Nite Club. I got paid an enormous amount of money for it, £40 plus expenses. To put that in perspective, in 1979 the firemen went on strike to get  £25 a week and right now in Australia the average teacher earns $275 a day,( £137.50) so pro-rata I earned more then than I do now especially considering that in those days at the height of the new wave I surfed into an average of six gigs a week photographing at least two bands per venue per night. That volume of gigs is testament to the wealth of live music playing in the city of Edinburgh at the time, and is why your site is as much a social commentary as a memory lane site.

1978  15th May The Flamin' Groovies & Radio Birdman
1978  5th June The Only Ones
1978  20th June Dire Straits
1978  3rd July Magazine, & The Zones
1978  10th July The Dickies, & Ignatz           
1978  17th July Supercharge
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1978  24th July Skeets Boliver, & Scirroco            
1978  31th July Suicide, & The Actors
Thank you to Henry Scott-Irvine for this ticket.
1978  7th August Dead Fingers Talk
Thank you to Don Huggan for this poster.
1978  14th August Bram Tchaikovsky, & The Tools               
1978  21st August Japan(cancelled), night went ahead with Reggae Regular, & The Skids.
1978  28th August  Merger, & The Monos
1978  4th September Nick Turners Sphynx(Hawkwind), & Tanz Der Youth
1978  11th September The Monos, & Charlie Browne            
1978  16th October Heavy Metal Disco
Thank you to Oddfellow for this ticket.
1978  20th November Tradition, & Nightshift
1978  27th November Cafe Jaques, & Tools
1978  4th December The Rubinoos
1978  11th December Albertos Y' Los Trios Paranoias, & The Police (note the billing, The Police supporting).
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
1978  18th December Tapper Zukie, & Cygnus           
1979  2nd January The Valves           
1979  15th January The Cheetahs, & The Cadets
1979  5th February Wild Horses, & Brody
1979  12th February Lene Lovich, & Fingerprintz
1979  19th February Cheap Trick, & Grand Hotel

The above autographs are Rick Nielsen & Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick.  Obtained at the Caledonian Hotel after the Tiffany's gig.  Thank you to John for these.
1979  20th February Tools & Thick Pink Ink
1979  26th February Gruppo Sportivo, & The Sneakers
1979  12th March The Priates, & The Cheetahs
Thank you to Paul Archibald for this scan.
1979  19th March The Skids, Trax & Freeze (2 shows)
1979  26th March Inner Circle, & The Squibs            
1979  2nd April Bram Tchaikovsky, & The Cadets             
1979  10th April The Capitalle Letters, & King Swi Toaster Reggae Disco
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1979  16th April The Records, & Toyah            
1979  21st April Simple Minds, & The Freeze             
1979  23rd April Violinsky
1979  30th April Iggy Pop, & Zones
Thank you to Allan Appleby and Tony Appleton for this flyer.
 Note Glen Matlock bass.
 Note Scott Thurston guitar.
 The seventeen pictures above are Iggy Pop on the New Values tour Tiffany's Edinburgh 30th April 1979.  Thank you to Allan Appleby and Tony Appleton for these rare pictures.  ©Allan Appleby & Tony Appleton 1979.
Allan Appleby outside St Stephen's Church at the end of St Stephen's Street on the night of the Iggy Pop gig.  Allan was not the "artist" behind the Iggy graffiti.
1979  7th May The Members, & Pinpoint

1979  14th May The Monos & Nightshift
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
1979  11th June John Cooper-Clarke, & Fashion
1979  12th June The Damned, & The Ruts
1979  25th June The Tourists & Another Pretty Face

1979  2nd July The Specials, & T.P.I. (Thick Pink Ink)
1979  9th July The Zones, & The Cheetahs             
1979  16th July Duffo With The Sinceros
1979  23rd July The Pretenders, & Interview              
1979  30th July The Valves
1979  6th August The Leighton Buzzards
1979  13th August Lew Lewis                   
1979  20th August Joe Jackson                
1979  27th August Mod Ball
1979  3rd September The Revillos, & Metropak
The Revillos at Tiffany's 3rd September 1979.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for the two pictures above.  ©Graham MacIndoe 1979.
1979  10th September Fischer Z, & The Cuban Heels                     
1979  17th September The Cheetahs, special guests Another Pretty Face
1979  1st October The Pirates, & Channel 4
The Pirates signed flyer.  Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this scan.
1979  8th October The Inmates, & London Zoo      
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this scan.
1979  9th October Slade
1979  15th October Gang Of Four, & The Mekons
1979  22nd October After The Fire & Switch
Stu from support band Switch writes "A bit of a story there, as I remember. We did our support slot, then ATF came on looking energetic and very confident. Into their 3rd number or so, and the drummer collapses over his kit. I never thought I would here the cry of 'Is there a doctor in the house?'.  Turned out he had collapsed due to exhaustion, although the word at the time was a heart attack".  Drummer Ivor Twidell subsequently left the band after this episode.            
1979  29th October Lene Lovich, & Jaine & The Belvedares          
1979  12th November The Two Tone Tour featuring The Specials, Madness, & The Selecter                    
1979  19th November Simple Minds
1979  26th November Dr Feelgood
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1979  3rd December Secret Affair, & Squire
1980  7th January Simple Minds
Charlie Burchill's monitor set list from the night, along with the ticket.  Written in Jim Kerr's own handwriting.  Thank you to Phil for this rare item.
1980  21st January Def Leppard
The two pictures above are Def Leppard at Tiffany's on 21st January 1980.  Thank you to Bruce Cowie for these rare pictures.  ©bruce cowie 1980.
1980  28th January Dexys Midnight Runners
1980  2nd February The Solos & The Cheetahs (Kampuchea benefit for Oxfam)
1980  4th February Iron Maiden
The five pictures above are Iron Maiden at Tiffany's on the 4th February 1980, with Paul Di'Anno on vocals.  Thank you to Bruce Cowie for these rare pictures.   ©bruce cowie 1980.
1980  11th February Rockpile               
1980  18th February The Pretenders & UB40  
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare set of badges.

Thank you to Ken for his memories of Tiffany's

"Also went to quite a few gigs at the old dive that was Tiffanys in Stockbridge.God those fishing nets and glass balls hanging from the ceiling! Martha and the Muffins late 1980 were good.The best by far though were The Pretenders late 1979 (I think) - Stop Your Sobbing had just scraped into the charts.Chrissie and the boys put on a great show.She was in her iconic red leather biker jacket as they jumped on stage post Ride of The Valkeryies overture.I remember they played every track off their first(just released) album and when the crowd roared for more she said "Sorry but we've played everything we know!"The encores had to be songs they'd played earlier but still went down a treat with the adoring audience.By the way,they were supported by a then unheard of UB40!"

1980  25th February Squeeze, & Wreckless Eric                  
1980  3rd March The Beat

Thank you to Charles Laing for this ticket.

The Beat at Tiffany's 3rd March 1980.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for the two pictures above©Graham MacIndoe 1980.
1980  10th March Eddie & The Hot Rods
   Thank you to Charles Laing for this ticket.
1980  17th March The Psychedelic Furs  
Photographer Simon Clegg on his way to Tiffany's. 
Simon Clegg writes  "This picture of me was taken by my friend David. I have my camera bag and It is during the day and in Edinburgh which means I am on my way to the venue to check it out for sightlines and maybe get some shots of the band rehearsing".
1980  24th March Siouxsie  & The Banshees, & The Scars
Thank you to John Innes for this ticket.

The late John McGeoch.

Siouxsie & The Banshees at Tiffany's 24/3/80.  Thank you to Pete Tainsh for these pictures. © Pete Tainsh 1980.  
1980  31st March Holly & The Italians, & The Delmontes                 
1980  2nd April Iron Maiden
1980  7th April The Cheetahs, The Visitors, Everest The Hard Way & Fun City  1980  14th April Wild Horses               
1980  21st April The Only Ones, & Wasted Youth               
1980  29th April Martha & The Muffins
1980  12th May The Blues Band              
1980  19th May The Bodysnatchers              
1980  26th May Toyah, The Books, & The Rent Boys 
Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
1980  2nd June UB40
1980  9th June Bad Manners, & The Rude Boys
1980  16th June The Vapors, & 3 minutes
Thank you to Oddfellow of this scan.
1980  23rd June Matchbox, & Johnny And The Jailbirds
1980  30th June Dexys Midnight Runners, The Black Arabs, & The Upsetters 
1980  7th July The Solos, & Everest The Hardway
1980  14th July Natrus
1980  21st July Ducktail
1980  28th July The Rude Boys
1980  4th August Q-Tips
1980  11th August Athletico Spizz, Altered Images, & The Shaking Pyramids
1980  25th August Ultravox
Thank you to John Innes for this ticket.
1980  13th October Rockpile
1980  20th October Son Of Stiff Tour featuring Tenpole Tudor, Any Trouble, Dirty Looks, Joe King Carrasco & The Crowns, and The Equators
1980  3rd November The Q-Tips
1980  10th November Adam & The Ants
1980  7th November Budgie                 
1980  23rd November The B-52's, & The Delmontes                
1980  24th November Black Slate                 
1980  8th December Bad Manners                
1981  9th March The Stray Cats
1981  16th March The Selecter & New Apartment
Thank you to Ian for this scan.
1981  23rd March Gang Of Four, Pere Ubu & Delta 5

Delta 5 at Tiffany's.  Thank you to Alan for the picture.

The two pictures above are Gang Of Four at Tiffany's for these pictures.Thank you to Simon Clegg


The ten pictures above are Delta 5 at Tiffany's. for these pictures.  Thank you to Simon Clegg

1981  6th April Bow Wow Wow                   
13th April The Spizzles

1981  11th May John Cooper Clarke, & Durruti Column                  
  18th May The Beat, The Au Pairs & The Mood Elevators  
  25th May The Psychedelic Furs 
Thank you to Andy Mitchell for this ticket
1981  15th June Toots & The Maytals
 Hanging Rock writes:  Tiffany's St Stepehns Street Edinburgh, was originated as a live music venue by George Duffin of Cosmos Agency as a showcase for Scottish bands he was representing.  Typical bill would be three bands for £3-EG. Cafe Jacques, Cado Belle, & Ignatz.  Later in the new wave Rezillos, Skids, Valves.
Tiffanys had live bands on a Monday because Cosmos noticed it was allways shut then & the then manager Ken Smith agreed a rent free deal for Monday as he did not believe anyone would go out on a Monday. Mondays at Tiffanys became something of an Edinburgh institution with a very mixed customer base including local musicians & the fledgling Edinburgh music business.First name band to appear was Frankie Miller which Cosmos then represented, band included a very young Brian Robertson on guitar who drank a bottle of Jack Daniels during the set & finished up playing on his buckled knees.
Tiffanys became the best attended Monday night gig in the UK with 650 music fans & to be honest a lot of people on the pull….the only Monday late licence in the city also helped. As ticket agencies did not exist, tickets were sold around the pubs by nubile hippy chicks who got commission of a free ticket for every 9 they sold….a sort of 60's marketing ploy. 
George Duffin decided to go off travelling so Monday night promotions were taken over by three local boys Barry, Pete & Bob under the auspices of Cheap Thrills which later name changed to Regular Music.
               Pre Regular piece on Barry Wright regarding Cheap Thrills Promotions and Tiffany's.  From City Lynx #10.
Curtis the Tiffany's DJ and original member of T.P.I.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this picture.
The original line up of Band Of Gold 1970.  Featuring Elaine Simmons on vocals, she would go on to have her own show on STV "Elaine-The Singer Of The Songs", was the first ever winner of the programme "New Faces", and also featured in the STV series "Hear Here".  Among the other member of the band were Frank the bandleader, Tommy Dirkie, and Ian Bairnson who would enjoy success with the bands Pilot and The Alan Parsons Project, as well as a career as a prolific and highly sought after session guitarist, playing on many classic albums.  Thank you to Peter Arnold for the info and the photo.  Peter was the manager at Tiffany's at this time

A later incarnation of Band Of Gold, Tiffany's house band.  Thank you to Liz MacEwan and Bob Heatlie Snr for this picture.
Advert for a soul all-dayer at Tiffany's 1976/1977.  Thank you to George at for allowing me to reproduce this rare advert.

Advert for Tiffany's and other Edinburgh "night spots" dating to around 1978.  Thank you to Reg for this item.

From the 1968 Edinburgh telephone directory.

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