1987  8th March The Bhundu Boys
Hanging Rock writes:  The gig sold out in advance but so many people without tickets turned up that I had to hastily arrange a second gig the next night at Moray House College Student Union-(which is now the Bongo Club)- it also sold out.
The next day we got a call from Madonna asking if they would support her at Wembley. Their album went to No 1 in the indie charts I believe to this day the only African band to achieve this. Cosmos was their sole worldwide agency at the time but with the support on radio of John Peel & Andy Kershaw, not to mention the belief in the band of Gordon Muir & Champion Doug Vietch they went ballistic, though still based in Hawick.
1987  19th March The Comsat Angels

The Comsat Angels 19th March 1987 The Venue.  Photographs by Stuart Penykid.    

1987  25th March Deacon Blue
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster.
1987  23rd April King Kurt
1987  21st May Flesh For Lulu

Thank you to Jan for this photo of Flesh For Lulu at The Venue 21st May 1987.
1987  5th June Hue & Cry
1987   6th June Sonic Youth, & Firehose
1987  8th June Nyah Fearties, & We Free Kings
1987  10th June Danny Wilson
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster. 
Hanging Rock writes:  This is the poster for Danny Wilsons first gig at The Venue & in Edinburgh. It was promoted by Cosmos as they were unknown outside Dundee  Later they were promoted by Dance Factory then a small Dundee based company (now DF Concerts) & Cosmos became their Scottish agency.
1987  11th June (general election night) Gaye Bikers On Acid
Thank you to Jan for the above photos of Gaye Bikers On Acid at The Venue 11th June 1987.
1987  12th June The Bathers
1987  13th June Zero Zero
1987  15th June Real Sounds Of Africa (Zimbabwe)
1987  18th June Botany 500
1987  19th June Steve Earle
1987   20th June BMX Bandits
 Thank you to Hanging Rock for this flyer.
1987  22nd June Terry & Gerry, & Deaf Heights Cajun Aces
1987  24th June Pioneer Corps
1987  25th June Blues Burglers
1987  26th June World Domination Enterprises
1987  27th June Miaow
1987  29th June The Rootsie Tootsie Band
1987  1st July Workhouse
1987  3rd July Deacon Blue
 Thank you to Hanging Rock for this flyer.
1987  4th July My Bloody Valentine, & Hangmans Beautiful Daughter
1987  6th July Blues N Trouble
1987  9th July Frenzy
1987  11th July The Pastels
1987  18th July Tallulah Gosh
987  20th July Steve Marriott (no ticket for this one, as I paid on the door!  But I was lucky enough to meet the man himself downstairs and get this autograph!
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster. 
Hanging Rock writes:  When Steve confirmed my suggestion about the origins of the song 'Itchycoo Park', as being about Charlton Park in south east London where 60's mods went on Sundays, also known as comedown park, notorious for its nettles & immortalised also in the film 'Blow Up'.
1987  21st July Makossa
1987  23rd July The Thanes
1987  24th July Nicky Sudden
1987  25th July Nico
1987  27th July Le Rue
1987  28th July The Cretins
1987  29th July James King & Fun Patrol
1987  30th July Head
1987  31st July The Shop Assistants
1987  7th August James
1987  1st & 2nd September The Bhundu Boys
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster. 
Hanging Rock writes:  It looks like lead singer Biggie had left the band by then, so guitarist Rise Kagona took over on vocals, he now lives in Edinburgh.  He is the founder & only surviving member of the original lineup.  Biggie became a preacher in the slums of Zimbabwe & later hung himself, all other original members died of AIDS. The story of the BHUNDU BOYS was a 2 part series on BBC Radio put together by Gordon Muir with contributions from Doug Vietch & George Duffin. There is a Bhundu Boys story in a forthcoming book about the history of Scottish music.
1987  13th November Mammas Boys
1987  5th December Loop
1987  7th December The Styng Rites
1987  8th December Cat Burgers
1987  10th December Roman Ha
1987  11th December The Jazz defectors
1987  12th December Finitribe & Tackhead
1987  14th December Sex Gods(ex Wah, Teardrop, Black, Echo, Psychedelic Furs) & Mirrors Over Kiev
1987  16th December The Daintees
1987  17th December Zeke Manyika
1987  18th December Lyin Rampant
1987  19th December The Television Personalities
1988  19th March Danny Wilson
1988  22nd March Pere Ubu, & The Mekons
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1988  9th June Lyle Lovett
Thank you to Winnie Lisowski for this ticket.
1988  1st October Underground Club
1988  3rd October The James Taylor Quartet, & The Holidaymakers
1988  4th & 5th October Love & Money
1988  6th October Just Add Water
1988  7th October Win
1988  8th October Vixen, & Hard Rock Cafe
1988  10th October Rapeman, Dinosaur Jnr, & Band Of Susans
1988  12th October Underground Club
1988  13th October D.C. Ellis
1988  14th October House Of Love
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this flyer.
1988  15th October The Flatmates, & Underground Club
1988  17th October Anne Turners No Mercy, & Boxing Clever
1988  19th October Spacemen 3, and Underground Club
1988  20th October Salvation, & Good N Gone
1988  21st October The Cropdusters, & Dancing Bears
1988  22nd October Wrathchild, & Hard Rock Cafe
1988  24th October The Silencers
1988  27th October Guana Bats, & Radium Cats
1988  28th October The Cateran
1988  29th October Dogs D' Amour, & Baby's Got A Gun
1988  31st October Musicians Collective
1988  2nd November Napalm Death, & Godflesh
1988  3rd November Skin Games
1988  4th November The Macc Lads, & The Cretins
1988  5th November Tatooed Love Boys, & Hard Rock Cafe
1988  7th November The Chills, & Jesse Garron & The Desperados
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this flyer.
1988  10th November Dinosaur Jnr
1988  14th November Pendragon
1988  17th November Loop
1988  18th November Rose Of Avalanche
1988  19th November Hard Rock Cafe
1988  24th November Stump
1988  25th November Weather Prophets
1988  26th November The Crows
Ross Allison of The Crows at The Venue 26th November 1988.  Thank you to Andy W Henderson for the photo. ©Andy W Henderson 1988. 
1988  28th November The Groundhogs
1988  30th November Pop Will Eat Itself
1988  11th December Stones Roses
1988  31st December Tackhead Sound System
1989  22nd January Janes Addiction
1989  12th February The Shamen
1989  31st May The Bible
1989  1st June Pauline Murray
1989   2nd June Underground Club
1989   3rd June Baby's Got A Gun, & Rock Cafe
1989  4th June Sabatt, & Toronaga, & Moshpit Thrash Club
1989  7th June King Of The Slums, & Dub Sex
1989   8th June Christian Death
1989   9th June The Toasters, & Zoot Club Unity Express
1989  10th June Strategy, & Rock Cafe
1989  11th June General Damage
1989  14th June A Guy Called Gerald
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this flyer.
1989  15th June Head
1989   16th June Underground Club
1989  17th June Heat, & Rock Cafe
1989  18th June Reanimator, & Moshpit Thrash Club
1989  19th June The Beautiful South
1989  21st June Stone Roses, & Shy Reptiles
1989  22nd June Bradford
1989  23rd June Rose Of Avalanche, & Underground Club
1989  24th June Lisa Dominique, & Rock Cafe
1989  25th June Napalm Death
1989  17th August Del Amitri
Thank you to Hanging Rock for this poster.
1989  23rd August Gong
1989  28th October The Quireboys
1990  12th February The Thanes, Ruth Ellis, The Radium Cats, & The Wendys
1990  17th February The Almighty
1990  26th March The Chills, special guests The Wolfhounds
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1990  19th May Slide
1990  2nd November Galaxie 500
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1991  1st May Manic Street Preachers
1991  20th & 21st October Gillan, & special guests Roadhouse
Ian Gillan at the Venue October 1991.  Thank you to Nicky for the photo.
1991  28th October Firehose
1992  26th January American Music Club, & Pure Blind Panic
1992  3rd March Therapy
1992  8th March The Bhundu Boys

Ticket reverse signed, thank you to Steve for these scans
1992  29th March Mercury Rev
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1992  18th May Wishbone Ash
1992  16th July Pavement
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1992  2nd September The Bhundu Boys
1992  25th September Radiohead
1992  28th September The Godfathers
1992  4th October Sugar
1992  6th October Suede, support band The Auteurs
1992  11th October Lemonheads, & Walt Mink
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1992  19th October Meat Beat Manifesto
1993  8th May That Petrol Emotion & Miraclehead
1993  21st May Verve, & Superstar
Thank you to Simon Moss for this ticket.
1993  24th May Corduroy
1993  3rd June Sebadoh
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1993  9th June The Buzzcocks
1993  18th October Pitchshifter, & Inversus
1993  9th November Hairy Apes, Sunbconscious, & Liquid Pub Dugs
1994  28th February Gunshot
1994  5th March The Posies, Magnapop, & Flop
 1994  1st April Sabresonic at Pure
1994  6th April Madder Rose
1994  18th April Skyclad
1994  27th April Credit To The Nation, & Collapsed Lung
1994  2nd May XC-NN, & Sunshot
1994  6th May Ritchie Hawtin at Pure
1994  28th May Magnapop, & Voodoo Queens
1994  12th June Compulsion
Compulsion at The Venue 12th June 1994.  Photoraph by Stuart Pennykid.
1994  8th July Laurent Garnier, T & B, & Dribbler at Pure
1994  25th July Skin
1994  7th October Psychik Warriors Of Gaia, Abraxas, & Re:Search at Pure
1994  18th October Renegade Soundwave
1994  28th October The Damned, support band The Gin Goblins
1994  4th November Peter Perrett

Peter Perrett at The Venue 4th November 1994.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.
1994  8th November Alice Donut, The Zephyrs & Sawyer 
1994  19th December Grandmothers Of Invention
1995  13th January Juan Atkins at Pure
1995  25th January The Lightening Seeds, & Cast
1995  29th June Napoleon Starfish
1995  1st August Midge Ure
1995  4th October The Dickies
1995  15th October The Bluetones
1995  24th October Add N To X  
1995  29th October Boss Hog
1995  15th November Hugh Cornwall
1996  16th January Rocket From The Crypt
1996  29th March The Men They Couldn't Hang
1996  21st May Ian Mcnabb, & The Trashcan Sinatras
1996  3rd December Kenickie, support band The Stereophonics
1996  15th December The Gyres
1997  10th March The Stereophonics
1997  18th April The Misfits (rescheduled from 19th March)
1997  31st May Ian Hunter Band
1997  27th September The Stereophonics
1997  30th October Ozric Tentacles
1997  9th December The Damned
1999  11th April Pitchshifter
1999  4th October The Buzzcocks

2001  19th June The Strokes, & Mull Historical Society
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
2001  15th September Knuckledust, Unite, & Decimate
2001  26th September Preston School Of Industry, & Obaben
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
2002  29th November Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper's original guitarist and composer of most of the big hits).
2003  3rd September Sigue Sigue Sputnik           
2004  14th February Scissor Sisters
2004  22nd February  The Fall, with John Cooper Clarke
2004  23rd May Ian Hunter, special guest Mick Ralphs
2004 4th June Carbon/Silicon
2004  28th October Bill Nelson And The Lost Satellites
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this scan.
2005  29th April LCD Soundsystem, Optimo DJ's, Hot Chip, Akufen, Brooks
  10th June Last Night Ever Party
The Venue.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.
Surfers against Sewage, The Venue May 1998.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.
Mindfunk at the Venue in the early nineties.  Thank you to Nicky for the photo.
Mindfunk downstairs in The Cooler.  Thank you to Nicky for the photo.
Wolfsbane at the Venue in the early nineties.  Thank you to Nicky for the photo.
Wolfsbane again.  Thank you to Nicky for the photo.
Scat Opera in the tiny dressing room at the Venue.  Thank you to Nicky for the photo.
Thank you to Jennifer for this photo.
Picture by Simon Swan.
Thank you to Graeme for the above two pictures.