The Abercorn

The Abercorn situated at 46 Portobello Road, Piershill, was a
long standing and popular club and venue.
Thank you to Craig Herbertson for this rare poster dating to 1980.

 Aquarius/Citrus Club

Aquarius was in Grindlay street, it then became known as Topo's,
 complete with "phones" in each booth for you to contact people at 
other tables!!  The "phones" were of course nearly all broken and
didn't work.  Now known as The Citrus Club.  One of the first
Associates gigs took place here.

Thank you to Alan for the photo
 Another view of Aquarius on the left.  Thank you to Alan for the photo. 
From the 1984 Edinburgh telephone directory.
1979  4th September Another Pretty Face, & Trax
1979  18th September Flowers & The Zips
1979  25th September Trax, & Switch

The Attic
The Attic was a small venue that existed for a few years above where La Sorbonne was situated in the Cowgate.
1996  8th December Arab Strap, & Cooper
1999  5th May The Dickies, & Caffeine
Attic programme for November 1999, showing Coldplay supporting Bellatrix at the Attic on Tuesday 9th.
Attic poster.

Blues Basement
The Blues Basement was situated down some steps in Broughton Street.
1987  27th November The Pterodaktyls, & 16 Dillons

Buster Browns

Buster Browns was a quintessentially eighties nightclub in Market
street, rumour has it this club played host to the aftershow partys
of both  Blondie, and Duran Duran. Now Electric Circus.

1983  4th October The Fall


The Cas Rock
The Cas Rock at West Port started off life as The Lord Darnley.  Sadly now demolished. Thank you to Dave of for allowing me to reproduce the posters above.

The Vibrators at the Cas Rock  February 1996.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

1991  27th April 999 & The Gin Goblins


The Cockburn Lounge

The Cockburn Lounge at 73 Cockburn street, was a poplular
live venue for local bands.  Now The Scotsman Lounge.

 Corn Exchange

 The Corn Exchange at Chesser, has seen many
bands through the nineties to the
present day, and continues to be a much
needed Edinburgh venue of this size.

1999  20th December Travis
Thank you to Jack McManus for this ticket.
2000  21st July The Saw Doctors
2000  24th August Pulp
Thank you to Alan McGregor for this ticket.
2000  13th December The Foo Fighters
Thank you to Jack McManus for this ticket.
2001  19th November Wheatus
2002  23rd March The Strokes
2002  20th August Elvis Costello
2003  21st May Radiohead

2003  18th August Ash
2005  26th August Weezer

Brian Bell of Weezer at The Corn Exchange.  Thank you to Dan Schmitz for the picture.
2005  27th October Robert Plant
2006  23rd August The Raconteurs

Jack White's set list from the Corn Exchange gig.  Thank you to Dan Schmitz for this item.

2006  20th November Bullet For My Valentine

 2007  25th February The Fratellis

2007  22nd August Interpol
2009  25th August Faith No More


Craigmillar Festival

1978  12th August Switch, Giltedge, Helikopter, & Fine Thanks

Craigmillar Park 
This Rock Againts Racism event took place on 5th August 1978.  Unfortunately The Clash didn't turn up.  It was said that Rock Against Racism had billed The Clash to boost attendance.

The Scars at this event.  Thank you to Duncan for this picture.
The Valves at this event.  Thank you to Gordon Dair for these pictures.
A programme for this event.  Thank you to Gordon Dair for this item.


Dominion Cinema

Landmark Morningside
cinema was used for a handful of gigs in the late seventies.

1977  27th February Brody

1977  18th March Joe Pass
Thank you to Rod Irvine for the autographed ticket above.

  Edinburgh Castle

The Castle's esplanade has been used seasonly as a
special venue with great success.  Long may this continue.

1989  31st December Duran Duran (Broadcast by BBC New years Live 
from the great hall).  
1991  28th August Van Morrison, & Georgie Fame 
1991  30th & 31st August Runrig
1992  2nd September Nigel Kennedy
1992  4th September Mike Oldfield (world premier of Tubular Bells II)
1992  5th September Wet Wet Wet
2001  19th July Status Quo & The Beach Boys
2004  18th July Cliff Richard 
2007  13th July Blondie, support band Echo & The Bunnymen


 The Eldorado Ballroom

The Eldorado Ballroom in Leith was situated in Mill Lane. 
This popular ballroom was frequented by visiting sailors, and
the touring big bands. Now demolished.

Rare picture of The Eldorado frontage, dating to 1970.  Thank you to Alan for the scan.

The site of The Eldorado entrance 2009.
1972  18th February Hawkwind
1972  12th May Dr John The Night Tripper   
Thank you to Oddfellow for this rare scan.
1972  2nd June Arthur Brown
1972  9th June The Sweet
Interesting clipping regarding the Glasgow band The Poets, but also mentioning Deep Purple
and Tear Gas playing the Eldorado.  Tear Gas would later become The Sensational
Alex Harvey Band

Eric Browns

Eric Browns was a pub opened by golfer Eric Brown in 1974. 
It was situated in Dalry road within the buliding that
is now Maplin etc.

Thank you to Shelley Whitney for this rare photo©Shelley Whitney.

  Can you put a name to this band playing at Eric Browns? 
Thank you to Alan for this rare photo.

1980  9th May Fun City ( Fun City featured Kenny MacDonald from Matt Vinyl & The Decorators, Ronnie MacKinnon from The Valves, and Gary McCormack
from TV Art who later evolved into Josef K.  After Fun City Gary joined The Exploited, He is now an actor who has appeared in such films as The Acid
House, and Gangs Of New York).

The cover of the Mint Sauce For The Masses E.P.

Thank you to Nick Grieve for this Eric Browns poster dating to May 1980.

1980  13th & 14th September The Thompson Twins, support band Local
Heroes SW9 No Nukes Benefit Shows (This band featured Kevin
Armstrong, who would later play with Thomas Dolby, and Tin
Machine, amongst many others).

Rare early picture of The Exploited at Eric Browns in
June 1980.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.  

John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett at Eric Browns on the "Way & Bar" tour 1980.  Thank you to Hugh for these rare pictures© Hugh C.W. 1980.

The Exchange

The Exchange at 55 Grove Street played host to the
likes of KT Tunstall, Snow Patrol, Biffy Clyro, The Arctic
Monkeys, and
Nazareth.  Sadly now demolished. 

2004  20th November Josh Rouse

2005  19th October The Arctic Monkeys 

2006  16th December Propagandhi

 Frisco's Club

Frisco's Club was the scene of a handful of gigs in the
late sixties and early seventies. A
ccessed through Chalmers Close, just off the High Street.

From the
1970 Edinburgh telephone directory.

This mid sixties photo shows Chalmers Close before the buildings on the left were demolished.  I understand the club then called Annabel's would later become Frisco's.  Thank you to "Sixties Edinburgh for this rare photo. Their site can be found here.

1969  14th November David Bowie (Moved to Friscos from the Caley Cinema)

1969  28th November Van Der Graff Generator 


 The Gamp Club

 The Gamp Club was a popular place in sixties
Edinburgh, situated above Victoria Street on the walkway
known as Victoria Terrace. 
Thank you very much to Frank Ferri for these ultra rare photos
of Johnny Kidd and The Pirates at the venue.

 The Gateway Theatre Leith Walk

The Gateway Theatre near the top of Leith Walk
was originally a television studio owned by STV, it 
played host to this Lindsay Kemp production featuring
a certain Mr Bowie.  This production was later broadcast
on Scottish television, and is now available as an extra
on the David Bowie DVD Love You Till Tuesday.

1970  1st February The Looking Glass Murders (David Bowie plays the
part of a cloud in Lindsay Kemps production, STV
broadcast date 8th July 1970)


 George Square Theatre

The George Square Theatre was used a handfull
of times for gigs at the end of the seventies.  As
part of the university,  it is usually used as a lecture
theatre with a capacity of just 466.

1977  8th December Ian Dury & The Blockheads, & The Valves
1979  2nd August Simple Minds & London Zoo    
8th December Scars, Another Pretty Face, Josef K, & The Visitors 
16th May The Human League, Scars, & Boots For Dancing

The Human League, George Square Theatre 1980. Thank you to Pete Tainsh for the two pictures. 
© Pete Tainsh 1980.

Rab King of The Scars, George Square Theatre 1980.  Thank you to Pete Tainsh for this picture. 
© Pete Tainsh 1980.
1980  20th June The Cure, & Josef K

Inside The George Square Theatre.  Thank you toy Alan for the scan. 

1985  17th August Peter Skellern



 The Gonk Club

The Gonk Club in Riego Street, off East Fountainbridge
was a very popular sixties club.

Thank you to Frank Ferri singer in The jokers for this rare handbill dating to 1965


Harveys was near the bottom of Lothian Road.  Entrance now a betting shop.

1979  8th July DJ Jay Crawford, The Cadets, T.P.I. & Sam Scara
1979  16th September Berlin Blondes & The Freeze
Thank you to Morris for this poster.
1979  14th October Venigmas, & Trax (gig was attended by Garry Bushell
who was writing a piece for Sounds).
1980  3rd August The Associates
Thank you to Gordon for this review of The Associates at Harveys by the late Johnny Waller.  From the 9th August 1980 Sounds.

 The Hoochie Coochie Club

The Hoochie Coochie club was a very popular club in the mid
eighties, and played host to the occasional band too. 
Situated above Coasters/Clouds at West Tollcross, this space 
usually doubled up as the "dressing room" for  the bands
that played the larger space downstairs.

Allan Campbell at The Hoochie Coochie Club.  Picture by Simon Clegg.
Simon writes "Allan Campbell was an English teacher at I think Boroughmuir School and shared his flat in Cheyne Street with the late Johnny Waller. He founded Rational Records and was manager of Josef K.  He also promoted gigs in a variety of venues across Edinburgh - mostly at 'Coaster's in Tollcross and Valentino's in East Fountainbridge."

1984  4th March The Weenies
1984  26th August The Go Betweens           
1984  21st October The Gun Club        
1985  20th February James King & The Lone Wolves       
1985  25th April The Go Betweens      
1985  19th May Jesse Rae       
1985  20th October The Jazzateers & Bourgie Bourgie
1985  25th October The Weather Prophets, & Meat Whiplash
1985  27th October Creation Records Special Primal Scream,
Meat Whiplash, & The Weather Prophets

  3rd November Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Ex Gun Club)
1985  8th November Hipsway
1985  10th November Eyeless In Gaza
  9th February Chakk   
25th July Love & Money
1986  1st August The Wedding Present
1986  8th August The Bad Hats
1986  11th August The Daintees
1986  15th August James
1987  24th April The Go Betweens
 Having a cig!  The Hoochie Coochie Club. Thank you to Simon Clegg for the picture.

 The Hub
The Hub is situated at Castlehill, Edinburgh and opened in 1999.
2000  5th August Larry Adler

 Ironmills Park, Dalkeith

This park was the scene for a day of gigs in August 1979,
organised by the owner of The Cross Keys Inn, Dalkeith

The Freeze at Ironmills Park, other bands on the day included Switch and Avo-8 .
Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

 The Jaffa Cake

The Jaffa Cake in King Stables Road was used during the Flux festival in the mid nineties. Now Stereo Night Club.

1997  12th August The Divine Comedy & Michael Nyman


Livingston Forum

The Forum, Livingston, was used briefely around the
late eighties and into the nineties.  The Forum was demolished in the mid nineties, and the site is now part of the McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet.

1989  10th June The Stranglers

1989  3rd July Tin Machine
Thank you to John Innes for this ticket.
1989  20th November The Cult
22nd November Aerosmith
1993  19th December Body Count feat Ice-T, special guests The Exploited
1996  5th October The Manic Street Preachers



The Lyceum in Grindlay Street  was built in 1883, originally run
 by legendary theatre managers Howard and Wyndham. 
The Lyceum is of course better known for theatrical
productions, but the events below are more than worth a mention on this site

1964 31st August-5th September Marlene Dietrich, with Burt Bacharach and his orchestra

1971  1st-5th July Lyceum Pop Festival


 The Manhattan Disco, Leith

The Manhattan Disco on The
Shore, Leith,  was rarely used for gigs apart from a 
handful in the mid eighties.

From the 1984 Edinburgh telephone directory.

1985  25th September Sigue Sigue Sputnik

1985  16th October The Blood Uncles




Meadowbank Stadium has been used occasionally
for concerts, and briefely in the mid nineties some
concerts were moved to the inside sports hall here
from The Usher Hall.

1988  Aswad, Aztec Camera, Deacon Blue, The Mighty Lemon Drops,
Voice Of The Beehive for CND

1989 12th August Simple Minds, support The Silencers & Texas(moved from Murrayfield)

                                                    Thank you to Graham Ferguson for this ticket.


1993  29th July Prince & The New Power Generation

2005  28th August The Pixies, support bands Idlewild, Teenage Fanclub, & My Latest Novel 

Joe Santiago's set list from The Pixies Meadowbank August 2005.  Thank you to Dan Schmitz for this item.
The Pixies at Meadowbank August 2005.  Thank you to C. Alexander

Idlewild supporting The Pixies Meadowbank August 2005.  Thank you to C. Alexander.

2006  24th August Muse
2007  26th August Razorlight, support band The Editors


 The Meadows

The Meadows have been used seasonly for The Meadows

Scars at the Meadows Festival 1979.  This picture was taken with the bands
drummer,  Callum Mackays own camera.  Thank you to Alan for sending this scan.

The Cheetahs at the Meadows Festival June 1980.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

The Delmontes at the Meadows Festival June 1980.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

Mowgli & The Donuts at The Meadows Festival June 1979. 
Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

Mowgli & The Donuts at The Meadows Festival June 1980. 
Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

The Valves at The Meadows Festival June 1978. 
Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

The Twinsets,  The Meadows June 1982.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

A wee disagreement!  The Meadows Festival June 1980.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

The Meadows Festival, June 1980.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

Texas at Make Poverty History, The Meadows 2nd July 2005.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

The "Other Band" who would later become Jack Easy. at the Meadows Festival June 1976.  Thank you to Dougie Mathieson for this picture. 
Realm Of The Shopping Trolley, Meadows Festival June 1990.  Thank you to Stuart Pennykid for the picture.

 The Moon

The Moon was situated just down from the
Astoria, Abbeymount, and had
previously been the Regent cinema.  You were
allowed to bring your own refreshments, as the venue
did not have an alcohol license.  Also used for band rehearsals.

1980  17th October Exodus, The Bears & Avo8

Avo8 at Ruskin House, Windsor Street, August 1986.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

1980  1st November The Mudsharks, DF Sense & Vertical Dreams

1980  8th November The Outpatients, & 35mm Dreams
1981 13th August (rescheduled from 25th July) Makossa, First Priority, Light Years, Elysian Fields, & The Horrible Sexy Vampires


 The Netherbow

The Netherbow situated at 43-45 High Street, hosted some
concerts in the late seventies and into the early eighties. 
Now the home of The Scottish Storytelling Centre.

1979  5th January Switch, & The Guilty
1979  19th December DF Sense (ex Switch)
DF Sense at The Netherbow 19th December 1979.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

Nicky Tams

Nicky Tams was a very popular pub with musicians in the seventies, and was open right through till the late eighties.  Situated at 4 Victoria street it is now Espionage.

1977  19th October The Valves

Thank you to Gordon Dair for this rare poster. 
1977  31st December 1977 The Valves (Richard Jobson won the talent contest listed on the poster below singing "The Rezillos-Can't Stand My Baby", and got a pie in the face for his efforts!)
Thank you to Gordon Dair for this rare poster.
The set list for the above Valves gig, containing some early classics like "Everybody's Got Nipples" and a song that got them called into Zoom and told to clean up their act " Careless With Your C**nt".  Thank you to Gordon Dair for this rare item.


The Place

The Place, entered from either Victoria Street, or 
The Cowgate,  has been a popular club since the sixties, when
it would host beat clubs. Also known as The Onion
Cellar, the Mission and Shady Lady's in it's time.  Now the bottom floor of Espionage.
  1977 24th December The Skids
1986 13th October Plague of Fools & Twisted Nerve
1986  15th December The Television Personalities
1986  22nd December The Pastels
1987  30th March Biff Bang Pow, Rattlesnake Happening, The Offhooks
Thank you to David Irving for this original early sixties membership card.

Portobello Promenade

The Promenade has been used now and again for various events, and the odd Radio One Roadshow!

The above two photographs are The Heart Industry as Portobello Promenade, August 1987.  Photographs by Stuart Pennykid.



The Preservation Hall

The Preservation Hall in Victoria Street was a very popular and
busy pub, hosting various blues and folk gigs.  Now Finnegans
Wake Irish Pub.

This is a poster for a Blues 'N' Boogie Festival organised by Robbie The
Pict in 1988.

1990  31st December Blues 'N' Trouble

1991  3rd November Dr Feelgood
1991  31st December Blues 'N' Trouble
1992  23rd September Dr Feelgood


 The Ross Bandstand

The Ross Bandstand in Princess Street Gardens has been used on numerous occasions for live music.

1987  24th June Ege Bamyasi
1987  26th & 27th June Sudden Sway

Swamptrash play The Ross Bandstand, summer 1988.  Thank you to Terence for this photo. 

Rumours was situated near the bottom of Lothain Road, right next to the former entrance to Harvey's.  Formerly Pipers, now Karma Chameleon.
Review for We Free Kings at Rumours.



The Southern Bar

 The Southern Bar in South Clerk Street has it's place in
gig history as the location of the unique show listed below.

1991 1st December The Joyriders and "Teen Spirit"
  Thank you to Mary Boon for this rare photo of Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain at the Southern Bar.  ©Mary Boon 1991. 

This charity show organised by The Joyriders in aid of the Edinburgh sick kids hospital was advertised on flyers handed out after the Nirvana gig at Calton Studios on the 29th November.  The flyers stated "and very, very special (American) Guests".  On the night, after the Joyriders set ended, it was announced that Teen Spirit would not be appearing due to illness, and the venue nearly emptied.  After an hour Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl did appear, and played 5 songs acoustically, under the name "Teen Spirit" to about 20 people. 

The story goes that Dave and Kurt slept on the floor of a friends flat in nearby Lord Russell Place, and Dave went to the Cooler below the Venue that night too.

St. Brides Centre

St Brides centre in situated at 10 Orwell Terrace.

1987  11th June Wes McGhee 



Trades Council

The Trades Council at 14 Picardy Place was used for
concerts in the late seventies.  Now Ego/Luna night club. 

1978  29th November Freeze & Johnny Colon

1979  30th August Switch

 Transport Halls

The Transport Halls at the bus depot in Annandale
street hosted several punk gigs in the late seventies.

1978  11th May The Skids      
9th June The Valves, The Monos, & The Skids
1978  24th November Scars, special guests Switch
Thank you to Stuart Pennykid for this scan, incidentally Stuart also drew this poster.

1979  13th April The Scars, & The Freeze, The Prats, The Ettes, The Disintegrators, & The Thursdays

Thank you to Trash for this ticket.

Anne, Teen, & Trash from The Ettes.  Transport Halls.  Thank you to Trash for this photo.   © Fran Morrison.

 The Waterloo Bar

The Waterloo bar hosted gigs in the mid eighties.  It would later become the Ark, but the space has now become a restaurant.


The Wee Red Bar

The Wee Red Bar is situated in the grounds of the Edinburgh College Of Art.  The bar has been on the go for decades, and is still going strong.  Please see the poster slide show below, including shows at the Wee Red by the likes of Glasvegas, and The Proclaimers.

1985  14th January The Proclaimers, & Ali and Dave from D.C. Desouza


2002  15th October Bill Drummond, obviously not a gig, but an interesting event nonetheless



2007  1st November Glasvegas, The Penny Blacks, & Come On Gang


 The West End Club

The West End Club up a flight of stairs in Princes Street
was an old sixties club originally called The
International, that by the late seventies had fallen on hard times. 
The club then started to be used for the odd punk gig. 
Later this venue would become Fire Island and play
host to various disco acts, including the late great John Waters 
star Divine, thundering about the tiny stage in the bay
window,  sweating,  to possibly the loudest synthesized
backing track I have ever heard!  So the next time you are having
your skinny latte in the cafe of Waterstones, remember you are
in good company.

1977  9th & 10th September The Valves
1978  17th December The Cheetahs 

Thank you to Craig Herbertson for this rare newspaper cutting.

Thank you to Alan for both these rare scans.

From the 1984 Edinburgh telephone directory.

Fire Island advert dating to 1984.

 The Wester Hailes Festival

The Wester Hailes Festival took place on 24th May 1986 near Stevenson College.  The picture below is of The Blood Uncles.  Thank you to Jan for the photo.

Ticket for a gig at the Community Hall dating to 1979.
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.

The Wig & Pen

The Wig & Pen Pub at 19 Cockburn Street was popular with
Edinburgh's punk rock fraternity.  It also played host to gigs
by the likes of Josef K.  Now Ecco Vino wine bar.

Thank you to Alan for this scan dating to 1978.

Rare photo of Switch supporting The Cheetahs 
(known as the The Suffer-Jets at this time) at The Wig & Pen In May 1978.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.

 Wilkie House

Wilkie House in Edinburgh's Cowgate, a former church, has sporadically played host to live gigs over the years.  Known mainly as a club venue.

1985  10th August The Men They Couldn't Hang
Thank you to Grant scrivener for this ticket.


The Yellow Carvel

The Yellow Carvel in Hunter Square was a well known folk
club, in the sixties and into the seventies.  Some punk and
new wave acts started to appear towards the end of the decade. 
Now The Tron.

Tam White at The Yellow Carvel in 1970.  Thank you to Gordon for this rare picture.

The Valves at the Yellow Carvel, June 1978.  Photograph by Stuart Pennykid.
The Androids at The Yellow Carvel circa 1976.  Thank you to Craig Herbertson



The YMCA at 14 South St Andrews Street was used sporadically for gigs and events.  Now a restaurant
1979  14th December Metropak
Thank you to Murray Bruce for this poster.

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