1978  24th February Stiffs Live Tour film

An invitation to a screening of the Stiffs Live Tour film.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this item.
1979 14th February Allan Holdsworth, John Stevens, John Taylor, Jeff Clyne

1980  17th November Cadiz

Thank you to Keith More & Nick Grieve for this scan.
19th May Helen & The Horns
Thank you to Andy Mitchell for this ticket.
1987  26th June Mike Heron, & The Battarts
1988  10th March The Offhooks & The Pterodaktyls
1989  27th May The Birdhouse, Therapy, Complications & Upapa Epops
1989  11th June The Swans, & The Wolfgang Press
1989  7th July The Indian Givers, & Slice
1989  13th October Ghost Dance
1989  3rd November The House Of Love
1989  17th November James, support band The Australians 
1989  24th November Green On Red, & special guests Summerhill
1989  25th November Mudhoney & The Cateran
1989  14th December The Men They Couldn't Hang
Thank you to David McLeod for this ticket.
1990  18th June Grant Hart's Nova Mob, & The Cateran
1990  28th June Revenge, support band The Wendys
1990  4th October The Men They Couldn't Hang
1990  23rd October Ride
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1990  25th October Lush
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1990  26th October Nirvana, support bands L7, Shonen Knife, The Vaselines
1990  28th October Synergy with The Shamen
Thank you to Mark Fleming for this ticket.
1990  28th November Crazyhead
1991  25th January EMF
1991  1st March Throwing Muses
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
1991  27th April Julian Cope
1991  1st July Chapterhouse, & Thousand Yard Stare
1991  20th September Slowdive
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this ticket.
1991  29th November Nirvana, support bands Captain America, Shonen Knife (see also Southern Bar related gig under miscellaneous venues).
1992  9th February The Smashing Pumpkins
2004  21st November Hayseed Dixie, & Rockstar
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this scan.
2004  25th November Eastpak Resistance Tour
2007  8th December VNV Nation
A review by the late Johnny Waller from Sounds dated 9th August 1980.  Can anyone confirm an exact date for this Calton Studios gig?  Thank you to Gordon for this scan.

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