Coasters circa 1979.  Picture by Simon Clegg.
Simon Clegg writes "The Roller disco picture of everybody leaving after a gig; Although it's not a very good picture technically a lot of people seem to like it."
1969  26th February Pink Floyd (benefit for Shelter)
  25th March The Rezillos, Street Noise, and Ignatz
1977  15th July The Jam, support bands The Rezillos & The Jolt (The Jam earlier that day signing copies of All Around The World at Hot Licks Cockburn Street.  They were paid for the instore signing with 24 cans of lager!)
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
1977  19th August Generation X, support band Johnny & The Self Abusers (moved to Pantiles Hotel, West Linton after the venue temporarily lost it's license).      
1977  14th October The Heartbreakers
1977  26th October The Clash, support bands Richard Hell & The Voidoids, & The Lous
  Thank you to Charles Laing for this ticket.
1977  28th October The Adverts & The Saints
1977  4th November Buzzcocks, support bands The Prefects, The Skids         
1977  26th November The Clash
1977  9th December The Damned, support band The Dead Boys
Debbie Woods who has sent various items to this site, spot the very same Damned flyer on her bedroom wall.  Thank you to Debbie for this photo.
1977  18th December The Ramones, & The Rezillos

Thank you to Charles Laing for this advert.

1978  23rd January Ultravox with John Foxx
1978  10th February The Stranglers(secret gig) support band The Skids (at this gig JJ Burnell was so impressed with the Skids, he got their London booking agency to arrange a London tour for them)
1978  24th February Stiff/Chiswick challenge, with  The Skids,The Scars,Freeze, Mono's, Subs, Cuban Heels, Berlin Blondes, and Groper
1978  3rd March The Vibrators, support band The Skids
1978  24th April Slaughter And The Dogs, Eater, & Blitzkreigbop
1978  2nd June Steve Gibbons Band
1978  16th & 18th June "Farewell To The Roxy Tour", featuring Blitz, The UK Subs, XL5, Red Lights, The Bears, Jets, Open Sores, Goats, & Acme Sewage Co
1978  15th July The Movers                                                                               
1978  22nd July The Movers
1978  28th July The Rich Kids, support bands The Slits & The Deleted
1978  18th August Siouxsie & The Banshees, support band Spizz Oil
1978  25th August The Rezillos, support band The Mekons

  1st September Sham 69, support band Local Heroes & The Valves
1978  16th September The Movers                                                                        
1978  25th October Be Stiff Route 78 Tour with Wreckless Eric, Lene Lovich, Jona Lewie, Mickey Jupp, & Rachel Sweet
Thank you to Oddfellow for this rare pass.
Pass for the train that famously was used for this tour.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this rare pass.
1978  1st December The Lurkers, support band TheValves, & Switch              
1978  2nd December Screwdriver                                                                        
1978  15th December The Doomned/The Damned (Gary Holton vocals), support band The Freeze 

1978  17th December Ultravox with John Foxx                                                       
27th March Stiff Little Fingers, support bands Mekons & Freeze             
1979  20th April Magazine, support band Simple Minds
1979  25th May The Dickies
1979  20th July Adam & The Ants, support band Josef K, their first gig under this name(the poster below was printed with the wrong date)
1979  17th August The Ruts, support Linton kwesi Johnson 
1981  20th March Scars                                                                                         
1981  17th August Dexy's Midnight Runners, support Projected Passion Revue 
1981  24th August Joe Jackson's Jumpin Jive                                                      
1981  31st August U2, support band Boots For Dancing
1981  2nd November Depeche Mode, & Blancmange
Thank you to Trevor Thomson for the advert above.

1981  21st December Altered Images
                             A review of the Altered Images gig from Cranked Up Fanzine.  Thank you to Gordon for this item.
1982  3rd May Nick Lowe                                                                                     
1982  10th May Steel Pulse                                                                                 
1982  14th June Gang Of Four
                               Thank you to Mark Fleming for this scan.        
1982  3rd August Bauhaus(rescheduled to the 16th August?)                           
1982  8th, 9th & 10th September Simple Minds, support band Hey Elastica!
1982  15th October Big Country
The late Stuart Adamson at Coasters 15th October 1982.  Thank you to Duncan McLean for this photo.  ©Bruno Beloff 1982. 
1982  19th October Culture Club (this gig took place the day "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" went to number one).

A diary entry by C.D. relating to the Culture Club gig.  Thank you very much to C.D. for this item.

A review of the Culture Club gig from Cranked Up fanzine.  Thank you to Gordon for this item.

1982  15th November Bow Wow Wow
Annabella Lwin at Coasters 15th November 1982.  Thank you to Duncan Mclean for the photo. ©Bruno Beloff 1982. 
1982  22nd November The Birthday Party, support band The Laughing Clowns
  Thank you to Graham Macindoe for this ticket.
1982  29th November Orange Juice
1983  14th February Nazareth
1983  11th April New Order
1983  23rd May China Crisis
1983  11th July Soft Cell (Marc Almond meeting fans upstairs in "The Hoochie Coochie Club" after gig.

Soft Cell, Coasters July 1983.  © H.O. 1983.

Soft Cell, Coasters July 1983.  © H.O. 1983.
1983  28th November Cabaret Voltaire
1983  15th December Killing Joke
1984  30th January The Alarm
1984  5th March The Smiths, support band The Red Guitars
The above three pictures are The Smiths photographed by Graham MacIndoe at Coasters 5th March 1984.  Thank you to Graham for these.  ©Graham MacIndoe1984.
1984  19th March Julian Cope

Julian Cope outside Coasters March 1984.  © H.O. 1984.
1984  26th March The Icicle Works
1984  7th June Paul Haig, & The Screaming Nobodies
Paul Haig at Coasters 7th June 1984.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for the two pictures above. ©Graham MacIndoe 1984. 
Alan Rankine formerly of The Associates playing with Paul Haig at Coasters 7th June 1984.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for this photo. ©Graham MacIndoe 1984. 
The Screaming Nobodies at Coasters 7th June 1984.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for the two photos above. ©Graham MacIndoe 1984. 
1984  27th August The Armoury Show
Scan of a live tape from this show.  Thank you to Graham for this item.
1984  17th September Lloyd Cole & The Commotions                                        
1985  30th January Microdisney                                                                              
1985  16th April Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
1985  14th May The Clash "Busking Tour"
The six pictures above are The Clash at Coasters 14th May 1985 during the "busking tour".   ©Neil Aitken 1985.
1985  16th May China Crisis
1985  13th June The Redskins
1985  25th June REM
The six pictures above are REM at Coasters 25th June 1985.   ©Neil Aitken 1985.
1985  7th August Win, support Lip Machine(R.King Scars)
The thirteen pictures above are Win at Coasters 7th August 1985.  © Craig Ritchie 1985.
1985  5th September The Jesus & Mary Chain
1985  7th October The Fall                                                                                       
1985  10th October The Armoury Show
Scan of a live tape from this show.  Thank you to Graham for this item.
1985  28th November Simply Red
1986  6th May Simply Red                                                           
1986  23rd May Half Man, Half Biscuit
Thank you to Gerry Mulvenna for this ticket.
1986  14th October New Model Army
1986  6th November The Mission
1987  30th April Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction, support band The Batfish Boys

Thank you to Jan for this photo of The Batfish Boys, the support band at Zodiac Mindwarp Coasters 30th April 1987.
1988  11th August Joe Strummer
1989  9th March Fields Of The Nephilim
1990  29th January Faith No More
1990  12th February Birdland
Thank you to Alan McGregor for this ticket.
1990  1st October Janes Adiction
1990  6th December The Fall

 Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.

1991 28th January Killing Joke

 1991  9th April Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Thank you to Alan McGregor for this ticket.

The cover shot of this single by the band Bee Bee Cee was shot in Clouds 1977

Trash (The Ettes), Chris, John, and Anne (The Ettes) at Clouds 1979.  Thank you to Trash for this photo.


Membership cards for the northern soul clubs at cloude circa 1975.  Thank you to George at for allowing me to reproduce these  rare items.
"For better dancing always".  From the 1968 Edinburgh telephone directory. 
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