Potterow Union circa late seventies.  Thank you to Alan for the scan

The student's union at 16 Chambers Street.

The site of Grindlay Street student's union.

1970  23rd February McEwan Hall Pink Floyd
1971  2nd June Students Health Centre & Refectory Pink Floyd
1972  12th February Mott The Hoople
1973  12th January Student Centre Bristo Street Chicken Shack & Fagan

1973  6th October Heriot-Watt University Ten Years After
1974  22nd November The Sweet
1976  25th February Health Centre Bristo Square Focus & Charlie

Thank you to Iain Mackinnon for the two pictures above of Charlie supporting Focus at the Health Centre Bristo Square in 1976.  ©Iain Mackinnon 1976.

Thank you to Iain Mackinnon for these two pictures of Focus at the Health Centre Bristo Square 1976.  ©Iain Mackinnon 1976.

1977  18th February AC/DC
1977  30th September Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat

1977  7th October Heriot-Watt University Ultravox with John Foxx (cancelled due to a technical problem, the band staying on to explain the problem to disappointed fans).
1978  10th March Bethnal, support band The Skids (The Skids signing records next day at Bruce's Rose Street)
1978  21st April Napier University Slade                                           
1978  6th October Bristo Square The Ramones

 Thank you to Ken for his memories of the Ramones gig
"The Ramones played a storming set at the Bristo Square Student Centre in my freshers week ie very early October 1978.The venue was jam packed and I remember having to wring the sweat out of my T shirt after....nice!"

1978  6th December The Human League                                                              
12th January The Monos, The Valves, & Simple Minds
Thank you to John of Tantrel Records for this rare ticket.
1979  16th February Generation X                                                                          1979  15th November Grindlay Street Union The Prats & The Cheetahs
Thank you to Davis Wilkie for this scan.
1979  17th November Grindlay Street Union Wild Horses (Featuring members of Thin Lizzy & Wings).
1980  31st October Bristo Square Health Centre The Blues Band & The Hit Men
1980  10th November Bristo Square Health Centre Uriah Heep
1981  30th January Grindlay Street Union DF Sense & Photographic Memories
1982  19th October Teviot Row Union Big Country (I understand this was their first gig as Big Country).
1982  16th December Chambers Street Union Maximum Joy & First Priority
1983  4th February Teviot Row Union Fad Gadget, Those French Girls, & Strawberry Tarts
1983  26th February Chambers Street Union Orchestre Jazira
1983  27th February Teviot Row Union Pigbag
1983  18th March Teviot Row Aztec Camera
1983  23rd April Chambers Street Union So You Think You're A Cowboy, & Friends Again
1983  20th May Teviot Row Union Jo Boxers
1983  14th October Teviot Row Fad Union Gadget
1983  4th November Teviot Row Union Icicle Works
1983  5th November Chambers Street Union Cherry Boys, & Doppelganger
1984  2nd March Teviot Row Union Carmel
An advert from Deadbeat Fanzine.  Thank you to Gordon for this scan.

1984  3rd March Chambers Street Napalm Stars
1984  10th March Moray House Pop Wallpaper, & The Cyclones
1984  15th March Chambers Street Union So You Think You're A Cowboy, & First Priority
1984  15th March Moray House Napalm Stars
1984  16th March Teviot Row Union Richard Strange
1984  12th April Pleasance Findask
Findask at The Pleasance Theatre Bar.  Thank you to Stuart Campbell for this photo.
1984  21st April Chambers Street BTOC
1985  3rd March Chambers Street Union Oi Polloi
1985  18th May Moray House Union Flesh For Lulu, & The Shattered Family
1985  17th August Findask
Findask at Chambers Street.  Thank you to Stuart Campbell for this photo. 
1985  19th October Moray House Union Television Personalities, & The Shop Assistants
1985  2nd November Chambers Street Union The Primevals
1985  28th November Moray House Union Blood Uncles & Wee Yellow Rip
1985 ?? December Moray House Union New Model Army, & First Priority
1986  25th January Chambers Street Union The Shamen
1986  1st February Styngrites-John Peel Roadshow
1986  14th March Potterrow Mandela Centre Bristo Square Husker Du
1986  30th October Teviot The Men They Couldn't Hang
Thank you to Gerry Mulvenna for this ticket.
1988  27th February Potterrow The Pterodactyls, 16 Dillons, & The Van Cleefs
John Millar designed the poster.  Thank you to Andy Akhtar.
1989  2nd December Primal Scream Moray House
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this ticket.

1991  14th August Folk In Arms



1991  15th, 18th, 20th, & 21st August Loreena McKennitt
1992  18th August Findask
2007  31st May Potterrow Biffy Clyro
Thank you to Jack McManus for this ticket.
The two pictures above are The Silencers at Chambers Street Union.  Photographs by Stuart Pennykid.

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