Astoria/Stewart’s Ballroom

Stewart’s Ballroom was situated near the top of Abbeymount Edinburgh, and was originally owned by councillor John F Stewart, who apparently lived in the large house you can see just beyond the Astoria entrance in the black and white picture below. Later it would become the Astoria and play host to many punk and new wave acts. The final guise of the Astoria was “The Good Time Emporium” pub/restaurant.

Abbeymount, the site of The Astoria 20th April 2009. © S.S. 2009.

Picture of the Astoria, near the top of the road.  The entrance door and foyer can be seen with canopy.  Thank you to Alan for the picture. 
  • 1977  7th December The Rezillos, & The Dirty Reds
Rare Rezillos poster dating to when this venue was still known as Stewarts Ballroom.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this item.1978
  • 1978 27th April The Skids, Brodie, & DS
The ticket for this Skids gig.  Thank you to Roy Pettigrew for the scan.1978
  • 1978  27th July The Valves, & Ignatz
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
  • 1978  10th August Generation X 
Thank you to Charles Laing for this ticket.
  • 1978 5th October The Only Ones, & Simple Minds
  • 1978  10th October Ultravox with John Foxx
  • 1978  16th November The Jolt, Simple Minds & The Dirty Dossers
  • 1978 21st November Charlie Browne
  • 1978 21st December Simple Minds, & Mowgli & The Donuts
  • 1979  15th March The Only Ones, Lonesome No More & T.P.I. 
  • 1979  28th March Simple Minds, & The Cheetahs
  • 1979  18th Aptil The Valves, & The Cheetahs (not the Cuban Heels as on the ticket)
  • 1979  3rd May Dr Feelgood
  • 1979  3rd May The Big Cats, Switch, & The Unclean (downstairs hall)
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this scan.
  • 1979  10th May The Fall, & Trax
  • 1979  24th May The Monos                                                                                     
  • 1979  5th June Cafe Jacques, T.P.I. & Dirty Reds
  • 1979  14th June The Human League
  • 1979  27th June Yachts, & The Edge
  • 1979  30th June Another Pretty Face
  • 1979  12th July Nightshift, & Mowgli & The Donuts                          
  • 1979  26th July The Cheetahs, & The Headboys
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.    
  • 1979 13th September The Headboys, & Venigmas
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge set.
  • 1979  24th September The Slits, Don Cherry & Happy House, Prince Hammer, & Creation Rebel
  • 1979  27th September Shake, & The Scars                                      
  • 1979  11th October The Adverts
  • 1979  25th October The Jags, & Deaf Aids
  • 1979  29th November Landscape
Beer mat signed by Landscape before their Astoria gig.  Thanks to Harry for this item.
  • 1980  17th January The Beat, and The Dominators
Thank you to Baz for this rare poster.
  • 1980  21st February The Headboys, & Everest The Hard Way       
  • 1980  28th February The Visitors, TV21, & The Androids
The above three pictures are The Androids live at The Astoria.  Thank you to Craig Herbertson for providing these rare pictures.
  • 1980  13th March The Cramps, & The Fall
The Cramps at the Astoria 13th March 1980.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for the ticket and the two rare photographs above. ©Graham MacIndoe 1980.
  • 1980  3rd April Freeze, & Random Factor                                         
  • 1980  9th April The Cockney Rejects, & The Exploited
  • 1980  15th April The Pop Group, & The Slits
  • 1980  23rd April Crass, & Poison Girls & Spiked Copy
  • 1980  28th April Magazine, & Bauhaus & Josef K
Magazine and Bauhaus at the Astoria 28th April 1980.  Thank you to Graham MacIndoe for these three pictures and the ticket.   ©Graham MacIndoe 1980.
  • 1980  8th May Joy Division (Cancelled)
  • 1980  15th May The Solos, & Phonies                                        
  • 1980  25th May The Revillos
Reverse of The Revillos ticket signed by Rocky Rhythm.  Thank you to Steve for the scans.
  • 1980  10th June Johnny And The Roccos, & Ducktail
  • 1980  19th June Fast Breeder, & Loose Ends
Thank you to Oddfellow for this advert.
  • 1980  9th December Shake                                                                                    
  • 1981  18th March Arthur 2-Stroke                                               
  • 1981  19th March The Mudsharks, & Those French Girls                
  • 1981  25th March First Priority, The Little Red Dufflecoats, & The Twinsets
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
Review from the Astoria gig by the late Johnny Waller.  Thank you to Harry for this scan.
Rachel from The Twinsets.  Thank you to  Simon Clegg for this picture.
  • 1981 1st May Musical Youth                                 
  • 1981  30th June Aswad plus The Sound System with I’ Man Slygo
  • 1982  20th February Pallas
Northern Soul at Stewart’s Ballroom circa 1975.  Thank you to George at for this rare photo.