Leith Theatre /Citadel

Leith Theatre on Ferry Road, was used for concerts during the mid seventies, from The Wombles to Kraftwerk, and everything in between!  Briefly changing it’s name to the Citadel Theatre.

Leith Theatre on doors open day 29th September 2013. ©S.S. 2013.

Leith Theatre frontage.  Thank you to Shona McMillan for the photo.   ©Shona McMillan.
The theatre interior and balcony.  When AC/DC played here in 1976, Angus Young made good use of this balcony, running along the length of it whilst playing his guitar. Thank you to Shona McMillan for the photo.  ©Shona McMillan. 
The theatre stage.  Thank you to Shona McMillan for the photo.  ©Shona McMillan
  • 1970  8th July Son House, Jo-Ann Kelly, Dave Kelly, Mike Whellans and Aly Bain plus The East West Blues Band 
Advert courtesy of Eskbank Blues Archive.
  • 1974  11th November Mott The Hoople, & Sailor (rescheduled to 16/12/74.  Both the original and the rescheduled date were cancelled).
Thank you to Al McNab for this scan.
  • 1974  24th December The Wombles
Thank you to Nikki Farquhar for the ticket above and her lovely recollection of the concert on Soundcloud below.
  • 1975  19th January John Martyn & Lucas & McCulloch
  • 1975  13th March Caravan (note the misspelling below)
Thank you to Al McNab for this scan.
  • 1975  7th April Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, & Sailor (moved to the Usher Hall) 
  • 1975  4th May Slade
  • 1975  13th May Man
  • 1975  13th September Kraftwerk, with AJ Webber
  • 1975  4th October Thin Lizzy with G.T. Moore & The Reggae Guitars plus City Boy
  • 1975  12th October Camel
Thank you to Iain Mackinnon for these three pictures of Camel at Leith Town Hall 1975.  ©Iain Mackinnon 1975.
  • 1975  26th October Dr Feelgood, & GT Moore And The Reggae Guitars
This 1975 gig was apparently a bit of a ground zero gig for Edinburgh with quite a few in attendance going on to form what would become well known Edinburgh bands.
Dr Feelgood programme from the 1975 tour.
Thank you to Al McNab for this scan.
  • 1975  6th November The Heavy Metal Kids, special guests Nutz
  • 1976  31st March Thin Lizzy, support band Graham Parker & The Rumour 
  • 1976  6th May Druid (this band featured Cedric Sharpley on drums who would later play with Gary Numan)
Thank you to Malcolm Mclean for this ticket.
  • 1976  7th May Pasadena Roof Orchestra
  • 1976  12th June AC/DC, support band The Heavy Metal Kids
  • 1976  5th October Frankie Miller’s Full House
  • 1977  23rd October Steve Hillage
  • 1978  15th March The Rezillos