Odds & Ends

On this page I have included items I consider to be of interest, but that don’t quite fit into the context of any other page on the site.  So you may find some interesting pictures, cinema items, and general miscellanea.  Maybe even some non Edinburgh items, but still items I feel are worth sharing. In no particular order.

Marc comes to Falkirk!
Please magnify to read. The Monos win the City Lynx band of the Year.  Thank you to Charles Laing for this scan.
Bauhaus and The Scars at the legendary Billy’s club London 1980.
Ticket for The Starjets and The Freeze at Bo’ness Town Hall 1979. Interesting also for the fact that Brian Guthrie is the brother of Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins.
Ticket for Madness at the Regal Suite West Calder, near Edinburgh in 1980.  Support was The Go-Go’s.  Thank you to Charles Laing for this ticket.
Another Regal Suite ticket this time for Elvis Costello with Clive Langer & The Boxes in March 1980.  Thank you to Gaz Davis for this ticket.
Annabels Discotheque advert from the Edinburgh Evening News dated 29th September 1979.
Odeon Cinema advert from the Edinburgh Evening News dated 29th September 1979.
Advert for the Classic Cinema Nicolson Street Edinburgh.  From the Edinburgh Evening News dated 29th September 1979.
Edinburgh and surrounding areas cinemas.  From the 1970 Edinburgh telephone directory. Sad to see how many are long gone.
Portobello glam rockers Iron Virgin go shopping in Princess street, complete with “Albert Tatlock” looking on in the background!  Thank you to David for the above two photos.
From the same session, in glorious colour. Thank you to David for this scan.
Iron Virgin sporting some cool threads!  Thank you to David for this photo.
The Edinburgh offices from where Bob Last managed The Human League, Heaven 17, and ABC amongst others. From the 1982 Edinburgh telephone directory.
The 1970 Edinburgh telephone directory entry for a certain Lindsay Kemp.  David and Angie Bowie visited Lindsay at this address. I understand this was where Lindsay moved after living in a basement in Drummond Street.   Please note I have removed the house number to protect the current occupier.
Interesting news paper clipping relating to a more recent visit by David Bowie to the capital.
Edinburgh and surrounding areas dance halls.  From the 1970 Edinburgh telephone directory.
Edinburgh and surrounding areas theatres and music halls.  Note the original James Court Lawnmarket Traverse address.  From the 1970 Edinburgh telephone directory.
Scottish Television advert from the 1970 Edinburgh telephone directory.
Album of the week at Bruces record shop.
The Mighty Valves.
Single by Edinburgh band TPI (Thick Pink Ink) produced by Nobby Clarke.
The May 2010 issue of Mojo Magazine that gives a mention to The Edinburgh Gig Archive in the Surf’s Up! section.
Film showing at the Calton Studios.  From the Edinburgh Evening News dated 29th September 1979.
Cinema listings from The Scotsman dated March 18th 1961.
Peter Sellers in the 1959 film Battle Of The Sexes about to walk up the steps at Lady Stair’s Close in the High Street.
Stiff Badge.  Thank you to Alan for this item
Two pages from Cripes.  Thank you to Gordon for these items.
Win-Shampoo Tears promo item.  Thank you to Craig Ritchie for this item.
Win-Love Units 3″ CD.  Thank you to Craig Ritchie for this item.
Significant Zeros memorabilia courtesy of Andy Merry.
Casablanca Club membership card dated 15th January 1971.  Thank you to Tam Rankin for this scan.
A Casablanca Club ticket. Loving the American and continental imported records info. Thank you to David Irving for the above card..
Fly poster from the premier of the film Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence that took place at the Filmhouse.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
Lenny Love business card from the late seventies.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
Thank you to Jane Stewart, co-owner of Boobs boutique Rose Street in the seventies, for the two scans above.  
A Radio Forth clip dating to September 1986 where Colin Somerville tells us the weekends up and coming gigs.  Thank you to Gordon for this rare clip.
Tunenoise/Fast Product itininary for the Iggy Pop european tour with The Human League as support, dating to 1979.
An advert from Deadbeat Fanzine dating to March 1984 for the well known boutique Ground Control in Cockburn Street.  Thank you to Gordon for this scan.
A rare poster for Billy Connolly’s Great Northern Welly-Boot Show at the Old Waverly Market dating to 1972.  Thank you to Gordon Dair for this poster.
A selection of period badges.  Thank you to Gordon Dair for these.  
Hey! Elastica badges.  Thank you to Gordon Dair for these.
A Fast Product promo postcard.
Orange Juice badge.  
Orange Juice advert for the January 1982 single Felicity.  
Science Fiction Bookshop advert dating to 1980.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this scan.
Clipping from the NME January 1979.
While I was trawling through the some old telephone directories I came across this full page advert.  An indication of far simpler times methinks!!  Retro heaven! From the 1976 directory.
Absolutely love this artwork! What makes this even better is it’s from the 1981 directory, NOT the 1971 edition!! Will YOU join the Trimphone set?
Bowie Nites were quite common in the late seventies and into the eighties.  Punters would dance into the wee small hours to their heroes music, and would often attempt to dress up as their idol. Posters for two examples above courtesy of Scottie Somerville.  
Please magnify to read. Rare diary review of The Scars debut gig at Balerno Village Hall on the 7th October 1977.  Thank you to Morris for this item.
Please magnify to read. Another diary piece by Morris on The Scars.
The late Pete Seaton’s musical instrument shop at 18 Hope Park Terrace.  This was one of the main destinations for Edinburgh’s musicians for more than 25 years.
The late Pete Seaton with his favoured musical instrument.  Thank you to Bob Heatlie Snr for the two pictures above.  
Late sixties Edinburgh band Barewires.
Fast Product poster for The Human League’s debut single 1978.  
The shuttered brown shop was once one of the City Lynx offices.  ©S.S. 2009.
The Exploited, The Day Trippers, & The Frauds poster for a gig at the Allan Ramsay Hotel Carlops, dating to 1980.  
Take Note page from Deadbeat rag dating to 1984.
The Revillos fanzine no2 on Snatzo Strato Play letter headed paper.  I understand only three editions of this fanzine were produced.
A business card for Ian McCain’s rehearsal rooms at the bottom of Blair street.  Most of the Edinburgh bands rehearsed here at some point.  Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this scan.
Switch in Blair Street rehearsal rooms circa ’79-’80.  Thank you to Ian Dunipace for these pictures.  Dedicated to the memory of John Scollick. 

Thank you to Simon Clegg for his badge collection.