Nite Club

The Nite Club was situated at Greenside Place, within the main building of the Playhouse.  The door directly to the right of the Playhouse box office led upstairs to a club that hosted many gigs from February 1980 after being converted by the promoters Regular Music.    

Entrance and stairs to the former Nite Club photographed on 20th May 2010. ©S.S. 2010,

Thank you to Alan for the photo which dates to circa 1981. The billboard outside the theatre is for magician Peter Reveen who was on a record breaking 8 week consecutive run at the Playhouse.
  • 1980  16th February Shake
  • 1980  22nd February Scars, & Josef K
  • 1980  14th March The Cuban Heels, & The Recognitions   
  • 1980  15th March Mowgli & The Donuts, & The Visitors
Mowgli & The Donuts at the Nite Club.  Thank you to Simon Clegg for the picture
  • 1980  21st March Flowers, & Boots For Dancing
  • 1980  22nd March The Solos, & The Radars
  • 1980  28th March Those French Girls, & F.K.9
  • 1980  29th March Switch, & Trax
  • 1980  4th April Another Pretty Face, & TV21                                 
  • 1980  5th April Everest The Hard Way, & The Delmontes
  • 1980  11th April Josef K, Orange Juice & The Go-Betweens (note misspelt Joseph K on poster).
  • 1980 12th April SkaNite featuring The Rude Boys & All The Rage
Thank you to Alan for the scan
Josef K at the Nite Club.  Thank you to Lee McPhail for these rare pictures.   © Lee McPhail 1980.
Orange Juice at the Nite Club.  Thank you to Lee McPhail for these rare pictures.   © Lee McPhail 1980.
  • 1980  18th April Spizz Energi
  • 1980  24th April Chasar
  • 1980  1st May Holocaust
Thank you to Keith More & Nick Grieve for this scan.
  • 1980  8th May Heavy Metal Soundhouse (club)
  • 1980  9th May The Members, & The Distractions                             
  • 1980  10th May The Photos, & Fashion                                             
  • 1980  15th May Cadiz
  • 1980  16th May The Hitmen, Mowgli & The Donuts & Insect Bites   
  • 1980  17th May Protex, & Venigmas                                                  
  • 1980  22nd May Heavy Metal Soundhouse (club) & The EF Band
  • 1980  23rd May Doll By Doll, & Richard Strange                              
  • 1980  24th May The Cheetahs, & The Good Old Boys
  • 1980  29th May Gary Moore
  • 1980  30th May The Freeze, & Avo8
The Freeze, Nite Club 1980.  Thank you to Pete Tainsh for the eight pictures above.  © Pete Tainsh 1980.
Two Rare Freeze badges.  Thank you to Ian Dunipace for these badges.
The Freeze at The Marquee.  Thank you to Davis Wilkie for this photo.  ©Davis Wilkie.
  • 1980  31st May League Of Gentleman (Robert Fripp) & The Martian Schoolgirls
  • 1980  5th June Colossus
  • 1980  6th June Suicide
Thank you to Oddfellow for this advert.
  • 1980  7th June Athletico Spizz 80, & Altered Images
  • 1980  12th June Soundhouse H.M.
  • 1980  13th June Wah! Heat, Everest The Hardway, & Modern Eon
  • 1980  19th June Freebird
  • 1980  20th June Berlin Blondes, & Positive Noise
  • 1980  27th June TheScars
  • 1980  5th July Clive Langer And The Boxes, &The Delmontes
  • 1980  11th July Ginger Baker’s Energy
  • 1980  12th July The Rude Boys
  • 1980  18th July The Associates
  • 1980  19th July The Damned, & Nightshift
“Nite Club Punters” thank you to Simon Clegg for the two pictures above.Simon Clegg writesFinally, the names of all those in this iconic photo which not only appears to articulate the Edinburgh punk gig scene of 1979 but almost of the entire punk genre itself. The person to the extreme left looking sullen with a glass of lager in his hand is Callum McCormick, whom I last heard was living in Brazil. The person next to him throwing his hands in front of the lens, objecting to the photograph being taken, is Paul Fernie (deceased).The individual who is obscured by the hands is Jesse Hopkins, who can be contacted via The man at the back is Kevin “Scabies” Scott who is a painter and decorator in Edinburgh and the female at the back is Maria who I believe is now a mother and then there is Denise Bissett on the far right. Thanks to John Shadwell
Rhona Mackay centre, Karen to her right, Katie to her left, and two other regulars on the Nite Club Stairs.
“Nite Out” thank you to Simon Clegg for the two pictures above. Rhona Mackay centre. January 1981. Simon Clegg writes  “These three girls were at a gig at the Nite Club and just out for a good night out. I can’t remember the band or how I got this angle. I must have been chatting to them for them to let me get in so close. There is a sense of urgency about this shot so maybe it’s along the line of the bar. I got a lot of good ones that way. They all had really pretty faces; the one on the middle looked particularly Scottish. I liked the one on the far right and I used this picture again in 1987 when I was editor of M8 – which was a very different magazine then.”
Nite Club punter watches a gig.  Thank you to Simon Clegg for this picture.
“Anna Burnside” thank you to Simon Clegg for this picture. Simon writesAnna started her career on Sounds after being given encouragement from the late Johnny Waller – writer and manager of various Edinburgh bands. She later worked with me on the live gig circuit writing reviews. Claims to fame – probably one of the youngest students ever to attend Edinburgh University – she was 16 in 1978. Anna now works for the Sunday Times Scotland.”
  • 1980  8th August Roy Harper
  • 1980  9th August Flowers & Boots For Dancing
  • 1980  10th August Weapons Of Peace
  • 1980  11th August Any Trouble
  • 1980  12th August Bill Nelson
  • 1980  13th August John Martyn
  • 1980  14th August Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard Of Oz
Nite Club advertising boards found lurking in the depths of the Playhouse.  Thank you to Mark for this picture.
  • 1980  15th August John Peel, The Cheetahs, & Positive Noise
  • 1980  16th August Richard & Linda Thompson
  • 1980  10th September The Thompson Twins, & Young Marble Giants, TT’s, Local Heroes SW9 (No Nukes Benefit)
  • 1980  27th September The Dead Kennedys
The Dead Kennedys at the Nite Club 27th September 1980.  Thank you to Debbie Woods for the two photos above.  ©Debbie Woods 1980
  • 1980  9th October Tygers Of Pantang & Garry’s H.M. Soundhouse
  • 1980  10th October Orange Juice & Josef K
  • 1980  11th October Another Pretty Face, & Random Factor
Misty In Roots gig review from Dundee’s “Cranked Up” fanzine, can anyone provide an exact date for this gig?  Thank you to Gordon for the scan.  This Misty In Roots gig was originally scheduled to take place in the Nite Club, but so many people showed up that the gig was swiftly moved to the Playhouse below.
Gordon who attended the gig writes:Misty In Roots ended up on the main Playhouse stage rather than in the Nite Club as advertised. I actually remember the band were hanging around outside the venue looking at the size of the queue and they initially thought it was for some other show taking place at the Playhouse, then they found out the crowd was for Misty!! Ha ha, Edinburgh came up trumps that night with a great turnout and got a great show in return!”
  • 1980  16th October Freebird & Garry’s H.M. Soundhouse
  • 1980  17th October Sector 27, & The Au Pairs                                 
  • 1980  18th October Crass,& Poison Girls (2 shows)
  • 1980  23rd October Cadiz & Garry’s H.M. Soundhouse                                       
Thank you to Keith More & Nick Grieve for this scan.
  • 1980  24th & 25th October The Revillos                                                              
  • 1980  31st October Those French Girls & FK9 

Those French Girls at the Nite Club.  Thank you to Lee McPhail for these photos.  ©Lee McPhail 1980.
  • 1980  1st November The Exploited (2 shows, 5pm & 9pm, support on the 5pm show only was Pre War)
  • 1980  7th November Everest The Hard Way & New Apartment
  • 1980  8th November The Comsat Angels                                                            
  • 1980  14th November The Fall
Angus Brown who was in the Nite Club the night this picture was taken writes: “the man in this picture is Andrew Macrae, who is still my best mate, the woman is called Anne, she worked in a boutique in Cockburn street”.Simon Clegg writes:“Funnily enough years later, about 1995, I met this girl Anne as I was walking down Broughton street, Edinburgh, and she was walking up.  She said “I remember you, you took my picture once”.  I felt great for the rest of the day”.
Jackie Robertson writes:  The man on the left with a scarf and tie on is now my husband George Robertson (we still have that scarf, our son wears it!) whilst the guy on the right is David West.  Good to see pictures of them with hair!
Richard Newell, Lindy, and out of shot Kirsty Alexander.
Mary Mowat in 1980.  Simon Clegg writes:“Mary joined S.F.E. as communications manager in the spring of 2008 and handles their public relations activity”.
The Ettes singer “Trash” at the Nite Club.
“More Nite Club punters” Thank you to Simon Clegg for the nine pictures above.  If you are the subject of any of these pictures, Simon Clegg would like to hear from you.  He can be contacted here. Simon Clegg writes:The girl in the Two-Tone gear is Jackie Radden. She was probably unmarried at the time of this picture (December 1979), but she married Graham Radden, the drummer of The Freeze.
  • 1980  15th November The Stray Cats
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
  • 1980  20th November Vardis
  • 1980  21st November U2
  • 1980  22nd November The Cuban Heels, & The Shaking Pyramids 
  • 1980  29th November Split Enz
  • 1980  6th December Eddie & The Hot Rods
  • 1980  10th December Eurythmics
  • 1980  12th December Killing Joke                                                                       
  • 1980  13th December Bow Wow Wow
Thank you to Keith More & Nick Grieve for this scan.
  • 1980  17th December Frankie Miller
  • 1980  18th December Cadiz
Nick Grieve
Keith More
Nelson McFarline
Kenny Macdonald
Tom Archibald
Cadiz.  Thank you to Keith More & Nick Grieve for the pictures above.
  • 1980 19th & 20th December Simple Minds
The two pictures above are Derek Forbes of Simple Minds at the Nite Club December 1980.  Thank you to Derek for these photos.
  • 1980  26th December The Visitors, & Avo8
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this rare badge.
  • 1980  27th December The Delmontes
  • 1981  2nd January The Valves & Call Me Irresponsible With A Chemistry Set
Debbie Woods at the Nite Club January 1981.  Debbie has sent various items to the site. ©Mikie Jacobs 1981.
  • 1981  3rd January Boots For Dancing, The Fire Engines & John Peel
Boots For Dancing, Nite Club. Thank you to Simon Clegg for this picture.
The late John Peel and Denise Bissett, Nite Club.  Thank you to Simon Clegg for this picture.
  • 1981  21st January Angelic Upstarts, Twisted Nerve & State Opression
Thank you to Paul Devlin for this poster.1981
  • 1981  6th February The Passions
  • 1981  17th February The Thompson Twins
  • 1981  20th February The Cuban Heels
  • 1981  21st February The Fire Engines
  • 1981  23rd February Bobbi Rembrandt’s Big Noise, & Avo 8
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for the ticket above.
Bobbi Rembrandt’s Big Noise at the Nite Club.  Thank you to Ralph for the photo.
  • 1981  26th February Danceteria (tropical evening)
  • 1981  27th February The Au Pairs
Debbie Woods 1981. ©Michael Woods. 
  • 1981  28th February The Scars
Thank you to Ian for this scan.
  • 1981  1st March John Otway
  • 1981  5th March Heavy Metal Club
  • 1981  6th March Richard Strange
  • 1981  7th March The Freshies (The Freshies singer was the late Chris Sievey, later to become Frank Sidebottom)
  • 1981  14th March Winston Gregory                                                                     
  • 1981  20th & 21st March Pauline Murray
  • 1981  27th March Basement 5
  • 1981  28th March The Polecats
  • 1981  17th April Josef K (possibly filmed for the “Jock ‘N’ Roll” documentary)
  • 1981  18th April TV21
Thank you to Simon For This Item.
  • 1981 25th April TV Smith’s Explorers, & Pre War
An advert for the TV Smith gig found in the depths of the Playhouse.  Thank you to Mark for this picture.
  • 1981  1st May Holly & The Italians
  • 1981  2nd May Supercharge
  • 1981  6th May Ruts DC & Bombers Over Vienna
  • 1981  8th May Altered Images, & The Dreamboys                           
  • 1981  9th May The Plastics
  • 1981  15th May The Cramps, & The Meteors (2 shows,8pm+12am)
  • 1981  16th May Pauline Murray
The Questions at the Nite Club.  Thank you to Simon Clegg for the picture.
  • 1981  22nd May B Movie, & The Very Thing                                      
  • 1981  23rd May Positive Noise
  • 1981  29th May Theatre Of Hate 
LeeScott and Kay Hope at the Nite Club 29th May 1981.  Lee is holding a copy of Theatre Of Hates 1981 record He Who Dares Wins.  ©Debbie Woods 1981.
  • 1981  30th May Bill Nelson
  • 1981  19th June Modern Eon
  • 1981  10th July Orange Juice, & Positive Noise (filmed for the 1981 documentary “Jock ‘N’ Roll” presented by BA Robertson)
Thank youto Gordon for this screen grab of Orange Juice at the Nite Club on 10th July 1980.
  • 1981  16th July Magnum
  • 1981  23rd July Basement 5 
  • 1981  25th July The Monochrome Set                                                           
  • 1981  27th July The Revillos
Thank you to Debbie Woods for scanning her Nite Club membership card.
  • 1981  7th August Depeche Mode (two shows played, an early under 18’s show, and a later show).
Thank you toTrevor Thomson for the signed ticket above.
Depeche Mode at the Nite Club 7th August 1981.  Thank you to Trevor Thomson for the two photos above. ©Trevor Thomson 1981.
  • 1981  14th August Classix Nouveau                                                                    
  • 1981  15th August TV21, & The Very Thing                                       
  • 1981  17th August Linton Kwesi Johnson, & Fungus
  • 1981  18th August Nico With The Cuban Heels
  • 1981  19th August The Scars
Thank you to Oddfellow for this VIP Nite Club pass.
  • 1981  20th August AnyTrouble
  • 1981  21st August Altered Images
  • 1981  22nd August Those Frence Girls, & Sophisticated Boom Boom 
  • 1981  24th August Richard Strange (Cabaret Futura)                                          
  • 1981  25th August The Birthday Party
  • 1981  26th August  Funkapolitan
  • 1981  27th August Huang Chung (Later Wang Chung)
  • 1981  28th August Doll By Doll 
  • 1981  29th August Everest The Hard Way, & James King & The Lone Wolves
  • 1981  30th August Kool Notes
  • 1981  31st August Carlene Carter
  • 1981  1st September The Electric Circus                                                             
  • 1981  2nd September  OK Jive                                                                         
  • 1981  3rd & 4th September Bauhaus
Pete Murphy and David Jay at The Nite Club, September 81. Thank you to
Pete Murphy at the Nite Club, September 1981.  Thank you to Debbie Woods for the photo.  ©Debbie Woods 1981
  • 1981  5th September The Twinsets, The Dreamboys & John Peel
Peter Capaldi, yes that Peter Capaldi! of The Dreamboys at the Nite Club 5th September 1981.  Thank you to Simon Clegg for the picture.
The Twinsets, footage from the actual Nite Club gig.  Thank you to youtube user Lemon Cement for this video.
The Twinsets soundcheck at the Nite Club.  Thank you to youtube user Lemon Cement for this video.
Thank you to Colin for this poster.
  • 1981  10th September Holocaust (recording of live video & E.P).
  • 1981  18th September The Comsat Angels & The Sound (Rotating bill)
  • 1981  1st October Positive Noise
  • 1981  14th October Here & Now & The Dolphin Club
Thank you to Stuart Clyne for this scan.
  • 1981  28th November The Durutti Column
  • 1981  26th, 27th & 28th December Simple Minds
  • 1982  7th March The Thompson Twins                                                          
  • 1982  13th March The Virgin Prunes
  • 1982  2nd April TheFall                                                                                        
  • 1982  15th April Marillion
  • 1982  23rd April The Birthday Party, & The Cocteau Twins
  • 1982  24th April Epsilon, & The Persian Rugs                               
  • 1982  30th April First Priority, & Photographic Memories                
  • 1982  1st May King Trigger, & Zanti Misfits                                       
  • 1982  7th May The Bluebells, & Hey Elastica                                    
  • 1982  8th May 23 Skidoo, & Horrible Sexy Vampires                      
  • 1982  28th May BlueOrchids
  • 1982  12th September Marillion
  • 1982  1st November Orange Juice,Aztec Camera,The Jazzeteers,The Bluebells
A review of the gig from Dundee fanzine “Cranked Up”.  Thank you to Gordon for this item.
  • 1982 12th November Marillion
  • 1983  25th February Twisted Nerve
  • 1983  22nd March The Farmers Boys
  • 1983  24th March Pallas
  • 1983  31st March Significant Zeros, Little Red Dufflecoates, & Horrible Sexy Vampires
Thank you to Andy Merry for this poster.
  • 1983  11th April Big Country
  • 1983  14th April Twisted Sister & Infidel
  • 1983  21st April Pendragon
  • 1983  1st May The Enid
  • 1983  7th June Dagaband
  • 1983  11th October The Alarm
Thank you to Jim Barr for this signed ticket
  • 1983  28th October King Kurt
  • 1983  19th November Bourgie Bourgie
  • 1983  22nd November Pallas, Solstice & Trilogy
  • 1983  1st December The Revillos
  • 1984  21st March The Fall, & Del Amitri
  • 1984  21st April Swansway
  • 1984  30th June X-Mal Deutschland
  • 1984  12th July The Waterboy’s
  • 1984  16th July Spider, & Chasar
  • 1984  12th October Comedy Of Errors & Abel Ganz

Thank you to Ken for his memories of The Nite Club

“Your fantastic site ignited so many memories of gigs I went to during my time at Edin Uni 1978-1983…had almost forgotten The Nite Club above the Playhouse! Saw Tom Robinson & Band there early 1980- he had a hellish flu bug and wore a duffel coat throughout,but still managed a very spirited performance.What a pro!”

Advert for a soul all-nighter dating to 1988 when the venue was known as Madison’s.  Thank you to George at for this item.