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Graham C Graham C wrote on October 17, 2021 at 4:25 pm:
Thanks for maintaining such a valuable informational resource. The last listed concert you have at The Odeon was 1981, but live music returned there during the festival of 1987, when Rick Wakeman and his band played three late-night concerts in one of the screening rooms. By then the place had been sub-divided from one auditorium into ... three?
John John wrote on September 28, 2021 at 6:24 pm:
Couldn’t go to see Jethro Tull at Perth this week – covid cancellation . Last saw them in 1968 at a venue in Lothian Road Edinburgh. Looked up the web and couldn’t find any confirmation of that gig until I got onto this forum. I remember that we went to see Ten Years After ,who had been making a name for themselves . But Jethro Tull as the support act blew them out the water.
Rhod Mackenzie Rhod Mackenzie wrote on August 9, 2021 at 10:58 am:
Thanks for compiling this very interesting archive.I grew up in Edinburgh in the 1960'70's and remember fondly many of the places you have written about.I also attended many of the venues and saw a lot of the bands. I now live in provincial Russia ( Ufa,Bashkortistan) and have enjoyed showing my Russian wife your archive.
Brian Brian wrote on January 5, 2021 at 9:26 pm:
Brilliant site !
Sean Cahill Sean Cahill wrote on December 29, 2020 at 4:13 pm:
Excellent website. Thanks for the memories of some great gigs, venues and disco haunts. My first gig was Stone the Crows at the Caley Picture House in 72 and my best ever was The Ramones at Clouds in 77. Ears were buzzing for a week! Thanks so much for your great work 👍
David McGeachie David McGeachie wrote on December 28, 2020 at 1:08 am:
In January 1985 on a freezing morning i did a audition there for a job with Bass holidays in Tenerife. I got it. I was 20..The accompanist was a pianist i had played bass with at the Royal British on Princes Street and he helped me. I never went to the nightclub!
Craig Craig wrote on November 4, 2020 at 8:47 pm:
Stumbled across this and have shared widely. Fabulous site bringing back many memories. Needs wider exposure via social media 👍 Great work.
John Burns John Burns wrote on October 25, 2020 at 4:16 pm:
Missed you while you were away, new site is excellent. Many hours about to be lost in it! Thanks Simon
Charlie Laing Charlie Laing wrote on October 12, 2020 at 10:12 am:
Like the new website design👍
Hugh Watson Hugh Watson wrote on October 2, 2020 at 11:13 pm:
hi Simon great to see your still collecting music gems so many wonderful memories of our youth i'll need to dig out more of my pics during this winter lock down all the best
Colin Colin wrote on August 21, 2020 at 11:07 am:
Big improvement in presentation and functionality Simon. Keep up the great work.
Simon Simon wrote on June 5, 2020 at 10:34 pm:
Welcome to the new guestbook, and the new site. I hope you like the changes that have been made. Best wishes Simon.

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Hi can find no record of the Bee Gees performing here,was there. But when.

Angus mackintosh Posted:

Jan 05, 2020 – 00:17:21

A great website – brought back many Edinburgh (Mod, Broughton) memories!

Hutchie Posted:

Nov 21, 2019 – 14:58:48

Brilliant collection, really enjoyed loooking through it. Thanks to all who contributed.

Daz Posted:

Jun 28, 2019 – 19:28:08

Thanks for putting this amazing collection of great together.

Westy Posted:

Jan 16, 2019 – 20:29:16

Enjoyed many nights there in the sixties including cream

George robertson Posted:

Apr 22, 2018 – 10:38:24

I played in a band called The Shadowland based in Edinburgh….we played loads of gigs 1988 to 1993….if you’d like flyers/details i’d be happy to send them to you. Look forward to hearing from you. Love, Peace & Happiness Lee PS great site, great memories.

Lee Valentine Posted:

Apr 07, 2018 – 23:16:12

re Jethro Tull at the ABC in Lothian Rd Edinburgh Sept 1968. I was there aged 15! Went to see Family and Traffic.Stevie Winwood broke his finger days before and couldn’t appear so they brought in two ‘ unknown ‘ support bands namely Jethro Tull and Ten Years After. Ticket cost 15 shillings( 75p)

null Posted:

Jan 21, 2018 – 21:30:36

Hi,can you tell me when rush played Edinburgh and is there any info on it Cheers

William McCann Posted:

Aug 30, 2017 – 22:29:16

Brilliant site and utterly stunned to see my picture on the “Nite Club” page!

Andy Macrae Posted:

Jun 10, 2017 – 21:17:59

Visited Edinburgh after 32 years with all old dreams yet live. Alas all my friends had left the city or had died.

Ashoke Dass Posted:

May 01, 2017 – 15:33:47

Wonderful Edinburgh of 1970″s. Now living in Delhi since 1979.Miss my friends Alexandra Buzorwoski, Jessie Newton, Andrew Halliday, Allan Rankin, Irene Mclafferty

ashoke dass Posted:

Aug 16, 2016 – 15:58:46

I worked in Tiffanys from America in late 79 early 80. My uncle Alan Smith was the manager at the time. Would love to hear from people I had worked with at the time!!

Denise DeWitt Posted:

May 28, 2016 – 21:06:07

Depeche Mode played Coasters November 2nd 1981

Graham Posted:

Mar 30, 2016 – 21:48:17

Depeche Mode played the Nite Club Aug 7th 1981

Graham Posted:

Mar 30, 2016 – 21:46:44

Best site ever! Amazed to see what you have gathered together. Thank you.

Bryan Posted:

Mar 11, 2016 – 13:50:03

Hello Terry, the answer is yes, but very rarely. I find it almost impossible to find the time now. Although the site will remain live. That said if you want to send your pics to the email address on the contact page, I will add them to the items to be uploaded list.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Mar 11, 2016 – 13:32:19

Is this site still maintained? I have a few photos of gigs from Coasters etc in the 80’s

Terry Posted:

Feb 22, 2016 – 14:34:12

Lots of talk about Mcgoos & Gamp reunions .Still think the two best ones were at the Place .Different name then .Brian Cains and Les Way were there .To me them and linnie Patterson were the top mods in Edinburgh .The second one was at the club at the side of the Playhouse organised by Brian & June Gillespie.lots of faces there.

Eric Kent Posted:

Dec 17, 2015 – 08:49:35

Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane! Thanks for putting all this together.

Rhona Posted:

Oct 31, 2015 – 23:25:53

I have been discussing with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull my dim memory that they opened for Ten Years After at the ABC Regal in Lothian Road on 6th September 1968 (TYA replaced Traffic). Anyone else remember this show? There’s virtually no evidence to back up my recollections on the web, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

Neil Murray Posted:

Oct 27, 2015 – 10:26:14

I wish to add the Zodiacs to the list. We played in different venues, including being the first live band to play Murray field Ice Rink. Ronnie Brown was one of the guitarists. I was the vocalist. I went on to sing at many venues around Edinburgh, including a 3 year residency at the men’s student union at Edinburgh University. Followed by a few years in the Cavendish with the resident band. Then Stewart’s ballroom, then many clubs doing cabaret. At the Cav as it was known, I was backed by a 14 piece band. Alan Coventry the bass player with the Boston Dexter’s, was my bass player for 4 years at the Teviot student’s union. Loved him. Happy days!!

Maureen Reynolds (nee) Fee Posted:

Sep 19, 2015 – 04:06:25

David, No, I don’t think so. I think the Abercorn and the dance hall were close by, possibly even next door to each other, but I don’t think they were the same place. The Abercorn building is now a Dominos Pizza, and I think the Dance hall is now demolished.

EGA Posted:

Sep 08, 2015 – 20:16:44

A question, I’m afraid.Do you know whether the Piershill Danse Hall (1934-49)was later the Abercorn?

David Fletcher Posted:

Sep 07, 2015 – 18:08:06

Being laid up with a sore back I was watching a Boston concert from 1979 on You Tube and it reminded me that I saw Boston at Ingliston in 1979 this got me wondering if there were any pictures from this great night and google led me here where I found a few fantastic photos and a poster from the night. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

Linda Brown Posted:

May 10, 2015 – 16:17:12

I’m pretty sure Bros played the Playhouse at some point Shirley. I think I remember seeing fans interviewed outside the Playhouse on the STV news.

Tom Posted:

Apr 30, 2015 – 14:33:59

Im sure i saw Bros here in late 80@s early 90@s… but I dont see them in your history lol x Could you confirm it was here I saw them?? Many Thanks Shirley x

Shirley Crosbie Posted:

Feb 27, 2015 – 14:16:16

Thank you very much Bob, I’m very glad you like the site. Your comments make it all worthwhile.

Simon Posted:

Jan 16, 2015 – 14:56:57

Simon – What a fantastic site, certainly for a man of a certain age such as I. What beautiful memories of the late seventies and the eighties for me in Edinburgh – truly now a lifetime away. Many, many thanks.

Bob Laird Posted:

Jan 15, 2015 – 13:56:23

Hi-I was a member of Cadiz who played the Nite club in 19 oatcake and I have copies of 2 posters from the Nite Club which I would love to donate to the archive page.They did a special 10 days of Xmas I think in 1982? This is one of the posters featuring ,Frankie Miller,Bow,Wow,Wow-Killing joke-Simple Minds-John Peel-Valves-Delmontes-Visitors and Cadiz.I would love to add them to the collection if you could give details of how to forward them on.Nick.

Nick Grieve Posted:

Nov 26, 2014 – 13:58:18

So it is Simon, I didn’t look closely enough! Thanks for this extremely comprehensive archive. It’s bringing back some very fond memories. Cheers.

Keith More Posted:

Oct 28, 2014 – 16:35:05

Thanks for the facebook link to your posters Keith, much appreciated. Nicky Tams/The Place is listed under miscellaneous Venues, got a handful of posters for there if I remember correctly. Cheers.

EGA Posted:

Oct 28, 2014 – 15:38:45

There’s a venue missing from the list and it was one of the best venues in Edinburgh during the 70s. Nicky Tams which changed it’s name to the Place. It was at the top of Victoria street and from the street level there was another venue each floor below (3 or floors) With bands or discos on each level. It was like going down in the depths of hell and you’d get stoned just by being there!!! It was real 70s hippy stuff. According to Google maps there’s a bar and grill there called Espionage now.

Keith More Posted:

Oct 28, 2014 – 15:08:19

Here’s a link to some missing posters of the nite club and other Edinburgh venues between 1977-81. My band Cadiz played many of these venues during that time. There are some colour shots of us playing the nite club and the dates are on the posters.

Keith More Posted:

Oct 27, 2014 – 10:17:11

Lovely site, thank you.

Sam Posted:

Oct 24, 2014 – 23:25:34

I was there! So nice to find the live music history! Thank you for this archive. PLEASE ADD more Twin Sets Do you know what happen to George Duffy? and Will Samarties? Thanks Ginny Ginny Monroe Digital Marketing & Social Media Senior Consultant MA BA Hons BTEC RSA

Ginny Monroe Posted:

Oct 11, 2014 – 22:53:53

joe bonamassa at the hmv picture house 2009 with sandi thom

mark j bb Posted:

May 04, 2014 – 20:03:35

You are not showing anything from the 50’s. I saw Everly brothers in the 50’s. Usher Hall.. What about the Locarno and cavendish Dance Halls.. 🙁

Veronica M Kramer Posted:

May 04, 2014 – 00:56:00

hi – just going through the Calton Studios page and realised that Pere Ubu on July 1 1980 wasn’t listed – am sure that if you are like me you will appreciate being able to ‘complete’ the list!

Stuart Posted:

Apr 02, 2014 – 13:52:33

Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always exciting to read articles from other writers and use a little something from their web sites.

Waltervok Posted:

Mar 12, 2014 – 05:51:10

Great work guys, gave me a great deal of pleasure going through this site. I’ve been gone from Scotland for some time now but fond fond memories of Empire Theatre, Caley, Leith Town Hall, Usher Hall, Playhouse and even the crap acoustics at Ingliston ! Bowie at the Empire in 73 plus all the Thin Lizzy gigs in various venues being my favs. Thanks Again.

Joe T Posted:

Mar 10, 2014 – 09:05:38

I moved from Edinburgh to Arbroath in 1962,and spent a holiday back in Edinburgh in mid July 1966. McGoo’s was my favourite place. Met nice people,and would like to hear from anyone who was there. Met a girl named Marion, wondered if Marion who left a message here on 23 January 2014 is the same person?

Malcolm Posted:

Feb 10, 2014 – 15:26:08

Brilliant site, spent a few hours comical and nostalgic trawling through site with a buddy. Will search mums attic for any old tickets posters etc….

Gus Posted:

Feb 01, 2014 – 08:51:54

Terrific site. Wished I had the savvy to hold on to ticket stubs back then..Still going to gigs, but wished the prices were the same in the good old days!!!

marion Posted:

Jan 23, 2014 – 19:36:10

Hi, This website is the biz and I have seen many bands in Edinburgh over the years and have been going to submit tickets and photos and memories to this brilliant archive but as yet not got round to scanning and submitting but I hope to do soon. Anyway I must laugh as a few months ago I was checking out the Odeon gigs and saw a photo of the Bay City Rollers gig 1975 and in the photo is myself and my mate – It was so weird seeing myself and then suddenly I remembered the gig and also that a woman took the photo (probably from The Evening News)- How strange. My mate and I were about 12 or 13 and we got tickets to go to this Bay City Rollers concert – My sister had been a fan so their albums were at home, however this was towards the end of the BCR era but still a home coming gig – So me and my mate went along. I remember being in the balcony surrounded by screaming and crying teenage girls and we were probably the only boys around. Wild stuff and quite unnerving – girls were cling on to us and we didn’t know what to do apart from cling back ha ha. However as we went to the foyer at end of the concert there were girls crying and collapsing everywhere and this girl fell to the floor in front of us and my mate Fraser and I went to help her. At that point I remember this lady taking photos and I wasn’t sure where to look at the time but I now know it is us in the photo as I recognise myself (very young looking) and I know it’s my mate Fraser as he had a Haggis Basher Victory badge on the back of his jacket. I’ve still got the ticket and this photo is superb. However I went on to see many brilliant bands at the Odeon such as The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and The Ramones and only a few years after this BCR gig in 1975 I was at the legendary November 1978 Clash gig having a riot with all the Rebel Edinburgh Punk Rockers. Fantastic memories and I have just past the Odeon Theatre tonight and I see it is now re-opening after many years being closed and almost condemned – Good to see it has been saved and being re-used once again. Here’s to all the great Odeon gigs and its future and to this archive website. Dedicated to my mate Fraser Sinclair R.I.P

David Posted:

Nov 22, 2013 – 01:16:36

Great site – brought back many memories of my year in Edinburgh 1977 was a very exciting time musically. I spent every saturday morning at Bruces record shop and then Hot licks. Went to Clouds each week and ate at Harveys on lothian road

Benita Posted:

Nov 07, 2013 – 01:04:56

Hi Great site! In delving into the attic over the weekend I came across a box of ‘demo’ tapes from Edinburgh bands of the late 80’s early 90’s. As I used to play in some original material Edinburgh bands and later I used to organise some battle of the bands competitions (long before X Factor) in the likes of the Jailhouse/The Venue and the Music Box (thats now the liquid rooms) I ended up knowing lots of the bands and got loads of demo and live tapes. What strikes me all these years on is how many bands there were (and this is not an extensive list just mine and is not always some of the better known ones) in an around Edinburgh that had good, sometimes great or just simply brilliant material that sadly never got the full recognition they deserved nor even saw the light of day by being released and stayed as a demo. How many of these bands did you see know or had heard of where are their members now?! With a bit of a makeover some of their songs (all originals) could definately be hits today IMHO. If any of these bands are looking for copies of their old demos and sometimes Live recordings even rehearsals here is a list of them found in the box and apparently in good condition at least 25 years on: DC Desouza plus live at the Jailhouse (Anyone know where the members of this brilliant band are, now tracked the drummer down to Australia but he is out of touch with the rest of them!) Botany 500 The Indian Givers Splash Me Im Drowning (Where are you now Neil McCallum thats the way!) The Blue Monkey Experience Never in The Field Watch With Mother Mari Wilson Cohejon Just the Job The Guilty Party (Live Venue Debut Mon 15th Feb!) Breakfast of Champions That Swing Thang Mr Robinson Ears of a Madman The Holy Joes The Breichtan Device Clean Baby’s Got a Gun G Spot Tornado An Cat Dubh This Side Up Comedy of Errors The Big Wheel Deaf Height Cajun Aces Paparazzi Fat Sams Band Big Blue World Vaguely Tarpaulin Dual Releasalisa Close Spiral Dance The Clique Crosstalk The Dreaming The Alice House The Following Zerox Brothers Not forgetting the bands I played in or was involved with: Thick Pink Ink (TPI) The Government Ten Days in Spain Brains Trust Heart Industry Odette Camera Shy Oh and the empty tape boxes: Ulterior Motives The Favorites The Legendary Hearts (Sorry Ali) Oh and the Rick Neilsen Cheap Trick Plectrum when we met them at Tiffanys just after Live at the Budokan came out!

Gordon Posted:

Nov 05, 2013 – 16:01:10

Isnt it amazing how many bands from back in the day went on to be somewhat famous! Long Live REAL MUSIC!!

Ozz Scott Posted:

Sep 23, 2013 – 11:44:44

Excellent site, brings back many good memories of real music with real people! Especially pleased to see the Astoria flyer featuring Brodie as this was my fathers band! He is still playing and has been a music tutor for many years. Thanks to all who have contributed to this archive of past times. Brilliant!

Ozz Scott Posted:

Sep 23, 2013 – 11:43:19

I was at the Beatles concert at the ABC in Lothian Road in 1964. What a night it was queing for tickets. no ipads or iphones then! we had our portable radios to listen to the Pirate radio stations till the box office opened early that morning, or maybe it was still the middle of the night? Hey it was 49 years ago, memories!! 🙂

Maureen Burney Posted:

Aug 25, 2013 – 02:57:45

Love this site! Went to a lot of gigs when I was young so have lts to send it -pics, autographs etc

mark forrest Posted:

Aug 02, 2013 – 10:42:32

What a great site , it bring’s back some good memories

Brian Posted:

Jul 16, 2013 – 00:00:56

I was also born 1969 I went to Coasters nightclub back in 1987. Looked at videos on youtube,god scary. I went to Boroughmuir high School 1981-1986 It’s a delight remember Night clubs.

Lucy Brownless Posted:

Jun 12, 2013 – 02:10:15

Our Band Blue On Shock. played there a few time in the mid to Late 1980`s i used to enjoy the Venues buzz

clivey Posted:

Feb 26, 2013 – 21:23:35

this is great for reliving my misspent youth. i worked part time in buster browns but spent many a wild night at Tiff’s, crawling into my day job in the civil service.

catherine Posted:

Jan 13, 2013 – 17:37:38

Great memories on this site I’ve got a lot of tickets from the past ill have to put them on the site . But sticks out is getting the bus from hotlicks record shop and going to see ultravox in Grangemouth town hall support was simple minds it cosy me £1.40 plus bus great times thanks for ur site I’m pissed writing this so I hope u understand me cheers

George stewart Posted:

Jan 11, 2013 – 23:53:45

I love this site…especially since my memory is getting worse 🙂

mike wallace Posted:

Jan 02, 2013 – 22:32:51

HI, Does anyone remember Future World Moves? We played in La Sorbonne in the early 80 when the band used to play in the front room rather than that back as it was not opened. We went on to do a regular spot in the back once opened and also had a regular spot in the pres hall. We must have played Edinburgh for at least 10 years. Great to see some old bands and venues that have now long gone…many thanks. phil (were not iguanas)

phil paterson Posted:

Dec 21, 2012 – 13:08:25

Mark F and Joyce, thanks. Will get round to adding Negociants and the Berkley eventually. I’ve got some stuff for both places, so when I find time….

EGA Posted:

Nov 05, 2012 – 16:48:29

Great site. No negociants though? Reminded me of good gigs I had forgotten and bad ones I am now once again trying to forget!

Mark f Posted:

Nov 04, 2012 – 05:30:02

Does anyone remember the Bowler and Brolly club? I think it was near the top of Leith Street, possibly above the fish ‘n’ chippie. It was open in about 1965-6.

Anoldiebutagoodie Posted:

Nov 04, 2012 – 01:53:06

What about the Berkley in Lothian Road It was a good nightclub in 50 & 60

Joyce Noble Posted:

Nov 03, 2012 – 22:42:11

great site takes you back great times

george stewart Posted:

Nov 02, 2012 – 08:39:47

I have fond memories of The Place, Top Storey Club and The International Club on Princes Street. I played in a band called Cold Spring Harbour which featured a 4 piece brass section and we played lots of Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears. Great memories

Gordon Nicol Posted:

Oct 28, 2012 – 17:25:20

great site takes me back was in a band called sreamin babies who played wester hailes they went on to play the night club called random factor

george stewart Posted:

Aug 30, 2012 – 23:16:38

well done you…. have you got archivr from the night club?

jojo Posted:

Aug 23, 2012 – 08:31:48

Thanks for jogging my memory of 1964 when I went to see the Beatles. Amazing photos of the Queue which I had never seen before. Been living down south for years but this site has brought me back hame! Thank you so much.

Granny Posted:

Aug 13, 2012 – 23:35:28

once more shorty!!!!!!

toigmaimavemn Posted:

Aug 01, 2012 – 11:08:07

Great site – Reminds me of a long lost youth !

Mr J Yen Posted:

Jul 08, 2012 – 17:50:34

Anyone remember Baby’s Got a Gun?

Jim Posted:

Jul 04, 2012 – 22:18:29

Hello! cckgfdd interesting cckgfdd site! I’m really like it! Very, very cckgfdd good!

Pharmg338 Posted:

Jul 04, 2012 – 13:58:28

omg… so many memories, thanks for this site, it’s like a roadmap of my youth, anyone remember Clowns….on the high street….did loads of gigs there with Black Mamba.

donny Posted:

Jun 24, 2012 – 01:50:05

did a band called.”splash me I’m drowning” not play at the venue? I thought they were pretty good

Cockneyrebel Posted:

Apr 19, 2012 – 15:52:31

I see it now – thanks for the pointer!

Wavy Davy Posted:

Mar 29, 2012 – 01:16:59

Wavy Davy, You’ve missed it! There are a few posters and things for Nicky Tams under miscellaneous venues.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Mar 28, 2012 – 20:10:05

Nothing here on Nicky Tams, which was a multilevel place on Victoria St. Had some great nights there back in the late ’70s, especially with a wild outfit went by the name of Chou Pahrot.

Wavy Davy Posted:

Mar 28, 2012 – 04:22:47

excellent work , i must i must get round t sending you some stuff 🙂 we all must have been in the same rooms k

Jim Dallas Posted:

Feb 05, 2012 – 21:12:59

Thanks a lot John.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Dec 13, 2011 – 21:06:24

Fantastic site! massive memories of gigs seen and played. John (Scars)

John Mackie Posted:

Dec 11, 2011 – 18:15:21

Great site no mention of Allans Record shop Leven street & Portobello Eric Dean and Adam Begg and Dave Allen ( if he was in the mood) kept all us club Djs supplied… again thanks for the great site

gordon covey Posted:

Nov 10, 2011 – 15:14:10

Glad you like the site Dave, and thank you to Ripping Records for spreading the word!

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Oct 27, 2011 – 13:12:26

Told about your site in ripping records great stuff trip down memory lane must get up to loft at weekend still got tickets & progs from 69/70’s gigs Zep gig at Usher Hall no mention that Plant had plaster cast on leg as result of van crash Dont know how to put pics on web but will get someone to show me dinosaur

davedinburgh Posted:

Oct 20, 2011 – 18:58:51

Hi Douglas, Stewarts Ballroom changed it’s name to the Astoria in the late seventies around 1978, and was as you say up from the Regent Cinema Abbeymount. There was a cinema in Manse Road Corstorphine called the Astoria, this closed in 1974, and is now a supermarket. Glad you like the site!

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Oct 20, 2011 – 16:37:04

Hi Great Site!But theCinema next to Stewart’s Ballroom was The REGENT the Astoria was in Corstorphine

Douglas Bryce Posted:

Oct 19, 2011 – 12:50:31

Brilliant site. My 1st gig was 1980, Madness at the Odeon cinema on Clerk St.

Stevie watson Posted:

Oct 06, 2011 – 19:44:08

Thank you Gavin.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Sep 08, 2011 – 17:24:10

This is an excellent site. Lots I don’t know and many memories.

Gavin Posted:

Sep 08, 2011 – 14:37:58

Thank you both Alyn and David.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Sep 04, 2011 – 16:44:19

This site could become addictive.Reminds me of loads of gigs I was at but also reminding me of far too many I missed.

David Mcleod Posted:

Sep 03, 2011 – 00:27:01

Brillant site was at many ogf the gigs mention Punk posters always wanted at

Alyn Posted:

Sep 01, 2011 – 16:28:10

I used to work in the White Elephant and Clouds in the 70’s and saw many great bands eg. ‘Stone the Crows’ ‘Spontaneous Combustion’and many more I just can’t remember…The best days of my life!!! Steve

Steve Posted:

Aug 16, 2011 – 20:18:57

Please do Ellen, they sound good!

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Jul 29, 2011 – 12:25:06

I have some fab original gig posters..I must try and take some pics and send them in

Ellen Posted:

Jul 28, 2011 – 22:21:34

re kangaroo club and shake.i was one of the door staff back then.carol and gill were the managers they`re still both going strong.dont know what became of everyone else.

kevin Posted:

Jul 24, 2011 – 19:02:22

re the appearance of The Who at McGoos in 1967, my band, The Images opened for them. the next night i smashed my 1962 Fender Telecaster on stage in Perth…I was very young….I wish I had that still.

Ash Gupta Posted:

Jul 22, 2011 – 09:53:57

what great times to remember playing at some of the gigs thanks for the memory

BOGIE Posted:

Jul 18, 2011 – 20:37:16

Thank you Joyce.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Jul 09, 2011 – 15:05:09

What a great site this is, such memories of gigs at the playhouse in the eighties and going to ezy ryder to buy classic albums. So many great gigs in Edinburgh in the eighties, thoses were the days|


Jul 08, 2011 – 23:36:57

Thank you Keith.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Jul 04, 2011 – 13:43:30

great site! brings back lot of great memories from great gigs in Edinburgh! cheers

Keith Posted:

Jul 04, 2011 – 09:55:53

Thank you Stephen.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Jun 21, 2011 – 13:07:56

Thank you Morris.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Jun 21, 2011 – 13:07:20

Awesome site. Only place I’ve seen Nite Club mentioned. Much appreciated

Morris Posted:

Jun 20, 2011 – 20:12:02

The Dominion Cinema, Morningside.

stephen stringer Posted:

Jun 15, 2011 – 11:07:33

Excellent site, brings back many happy memories of when living in Edinburgh. I do recall seeing George Melly and John Chilton’s Feetwarmers at the Domino Cinema, in Morningside, twice during the early 70’s. Think both gigs were on Sunday nights. Cheers, Steve

Stephen Stringer Posted:

Jun 15, 2011 – 11:05:14

Fantastic Andy 🙂

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Jun 11, 2011 – 12:39:09

Customer. Will you sell me speed for £5.00. Vinyl Villains. Sorry this is a respectable shop and we would never sell drugs. Customer. I mean the video starring Keanu Reeves. You have it for £5.99. (this was around 1990)

Andy Posted:

Jun 11, 2011 – 12:30:28

Thanks Andy. I wondered if you know anyone who has a good video copy of the Dirty Reds, TPI, Valves Napier gig? Any help would be really appreciated.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

May 16, 2011 – 12:54:03

I was the bass player in The Cheetahs. Great to remember all those great venues that we played in and went to.

Andy Allan Posted:

May 07, 2011 – 20:21:37

I can remember going to my very FIRST concert at the ‘Odeon’ to see Mick Ronson. Got free tickets from a pal’s dad who ran the ‘Grapes’ pub in Clerk St. Took a girlfriend (Elspeth) to impress her (well, I was 14 and she was a year younger !)- smoothie, eh ?. Either way, fantastic memories of this and many other concerts – Great times !!

Alan Deans Posted:

Apr 26, 2011 – 21:23:34

What an absolutely brilliant site.It was so good to see pictures of old record shops many who I fondly remember. Thought this might give you a smile Genuine things asked for in record shopstaken from my book Last Shop Standing (Whatever Happened to Record Shops?) that features interviews with many of Scotlands remaining record shops.HAVE YOU GOT? • The song about the trans-sexual who nearly misses the train – Last Train to Tran-Central by KLF • An album by Greg Orian called Chants • The Jammy Rocker –Jamiroquai • Charley Farley, he is a ‘ragu’ artist –Bob Marley • A copulation album – The shop suggested ‘Songs for Swinging Lovers’ by Frank Sinatra (I guess they were after a compilation album) • The ‘I’m arsehole, man’ song – I’m a Soul Man by Sam & Dave • My grand-daughter is a big fan of The Mad Donna, do you stock her CDs? • Reg Zeppelin • Ron Maiden • Ron Skibbit – Bronski Beat • Alvin Sawdust • Ralph Harris • Gladys Knight and the Pimps • Richard Claydermouse • The Phenomenal Handicap Band – The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band • Polaroid by Black Sabbath • Dennis Rissole –Demis Roussos • Frank Gillis – Vangellis • Ernie Stubbs – Ernest Tubb • DJ Ango Rineheart –Django Reinhardt • The Loneliest Monk – Thelonious Monk • Donkey Oaty – (Don Quixote) • Carry on Fidelio – Karajan’s Fidelio Customer: Do you stock Ha Ha? Shop: Do you mean A-ha? Customer: No it’s definitely Ha Ha. I guess you have not heard of them because they are Norwegian. • A band whose name is something like diarrhoea – Dire Straits • I think it is called ‘Up the back passage’ – Up the Junction –Squeeze • A song about a woman jogging down the shops – Kate Bush –Running up the Hill • Rock Around the Clock by Bill Shankley • No mule you fool – Elkie Brookes – No more the Fool • Buddy Holly sings the Beatles • The Arctic Gorillaz • The Edison Lighthouse Family • Barclay James Harvester Customer – I would like to buy some string Shop – Do you mean Sting? Customer – No, it’s definitely string Shop – What does String sing? Customer – String doesn’t sing it’s for tying up parcels. Customer: Have you got a song by a woman with love in the title? I heard it on the radio and would like to buy it. Shop – If you tell us when you heard it and what radio station it was on we can look up their playlist and get it for you. Customer – That is fantastic, the station was Radio 2 and it was about 10 years ago. Customer – I heard a song on the radio a few weeks back sung by Elvis Presley and would like to buy it on CD. The only thing is I don’t want the Elvis version I want the original. Shop – Do you know the song? Customer – No. Shop – Who sung the original? Customer – Don’t know. Shop – Do you have any other clues? Customer – No: Are you trying to say that you won’t be able to get it?! American customer – Hi do you have any CDs in by Stella Jones? Shop – I will just check our computer database for you After searching for a few minutes with no look he tells the customer that he as he is American he will check the USA database as well in case Stella released something there. After a few minutes he says to the American customer. “I am sorry but there is nothing listed worldwide for Stella Jones. If you tell me what radio station you heard it on I can contact them and get the details”. American customer – Oh I never heard her on the radio. I sat next to her in High school 20 years ago and she had the most amazing voice. I was convinced she would have made a CD by now. A very posh, well-spoken lady comes in and asked ‘Have you got any Jaws CDs? The shop fetched the Jaws soundtrack as performed by John Williams. Posh lady – Is this all you have? One CD? I have been in record shops all over the country and you have the worst Jaws section I have ever seen. Shop – I am sorry madam but there is not much demand for Jaws CDs. Posh lady – I would have least expected you to stock Miles Davis and Billie Holiday. She was after jazz, not Jaws. CLASSICAL SHOPS – HAVE YOU GOT? A shop in Oxford was visited by a Scandinavian gentleman with a thick accent: Scandinavian gentleman – Do you sell whores? Shop – I am sorry sir but we don’t. Scandinavian gentleman – I thought Oxford was famous for its whores. Shop – Sir, will you please leave the shop? Scandinavian gentleman – You don’t understand it is boy whores I am looking for. Shop – Sir if you don’t leave we will call the police. As the gentleman turns around he notices a CD and plonks it on the counter saying “this is what I am after”. Shop – Sir, the word is ‘choirs’ and if you go around asking for whores you will get yourself in a lot of trouble. Keep up the good work Graham

graham jones Posted:

Apr 24, 2011 – 08:34:04

thanks for taking me back to being a 16yr old punk in 1977! As Sarah Christie said, it was such a good music era to grow up to in Edinburgh. And thanks for doing the site, just great.

Ed Posted:

Apr 21, 2011 – 15:42:41

True Ellen, been meaning to add Vinyl Villains and Avalanche too for ages.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Apr 14, 2011 – 16:07:52

Vinyl Villains is a bit of an icon in edinburgh and has been on the go for over 20 years. It is still surving againstthe odds. It even got a mention in an Irvin Welsh book and teh proclaimers sunshine on Leith.. It should get a mention in the ‘ record shop’ section

ellen Posted:

Apr 13, 2011 – 14:17:14

Thank you both Sarah and Imme. Glad you like the site.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Apr 01, 2011 – 12:15:23

Wonderful concept, wonderful site, Well Done You. Would be good to see the same for the whole of Scotland, great memory jogger, bands I had forgotten existed. Thank You.

Imme Okay. Posted:

Mar 31, 2011 – 22:37:16

What a great time to be alive, I grew up listening to all this music. It takes me back, thank you ~

Sarah Christie Posted:

Mar 30, 2011 – 03:50:44

Glad you like the site Sheelagh. And thank you for the Misty In Roots date confirmation.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Mar 15, 2011 – 17:52:25

Wonderful website,thankyou for bringing back so many memories! Re Misty in Roots gig moved from Niteclub to Playhouse, according to tattered diary it took place on 6th September 1981, they were very very late and very very good.

Sheelagh Hay Posted:

Mar 11, 2011 – 19:12:28

Thank you very much Mike, much appreciated.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Feb 21, 2011 – 13:43:10

Wow ! Fantastic site, just spent the last two hours wandering down memory lane. Well done for all your hard work !

Mike Lavin Posted:

Feb 19, 2011 – 22:27:34

Don’t know for certain Albano. But I can’t see there being two bands called “Zanti Misfits”

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Feb 10, 2011 – 22:51:00

I ‘ve been trying to find a french band called “Zanti Misfits” and got here. Can anybody confirm if the band that played at the Nite Club on the 1st May 1982 was french? thanks

Albano Posted:

Feb 10, 2011 – 11:01:20

Thanks Mel, will be in touch through Facebook.

Edinburgh Gig Archive Posted:

Feb 02, 2011 – 19:54:52

Hi, I have a fullset (almost) of City Lynx which are full of music reviews etc. I am happy to share if you like. Let me know. Love your site. All the best Mel

Mel Young Posted:

Feb 01, 2011 – 22:25:16

I am remembering the Moonrakers when they first started out in the early 60’s. Ricky Flynn, Derek, Ian are the guys I remember. They played at a club in St Mary’s Church on a Sunday night. Also had gigs at the Top Floor. Ricky left the band to concentrate on his university courses. I think Derek joined with others to keep the band alive. I would get the words of songs by listening to the records over and over again using my limited shorthand skills. Thanks for a wonderful site took me back down a delightful memory lane!

Dolores Clark Posted:

Jan 04, 2011 – 01:31:23

Wow – fantastic work! Especially the Odeon. I lived about 20minutes walk from the Odeon and saw a lot of the gigs listed from 1977 to 1981. The soundchecks were worth sneaking into – no security at all, just one or two ladies doing hoovering! Heard lots of stuff and got loads of autographs that way!

Chris Cullen Posted:

Dec 29, 2010 – 09:44:37

Trying to establish the date of a Big Country Christmas show discovered this site, what an absolute delight. I have so many ticket stubs from the various venues, hopefully I can fill in some blank spaces too.

Stuart Posted:

Dec 24, 2010 – 17:05:50

Good to see some nostalgia – get the Buzzcocks on and put on the Deadbeat tapes, fond mem,ories of the Dancing Bears! I must dig out some of the deadbeats from the garage and send them through to you. Take care Vinny

Vinny Bee Posted:

Dec 17, 2010 – 15:23:13

The Nite Club! I was a Rembrette (23 Feb 1981) and married the basist in the photo. The girl with the big eye at The Fall gig on 14 Nov 1980 is Claire, she married Kenny Gourlay the drummer from AVO-8.

Shirley Posted:

Dec 08, 2010 – 12:12:48

Feeling very nostalgic surfing through these pages. Delighted to see a pic that proves Piggies Boutique did exist (@ Greyfriars Market) and that it wasn’t my imagination. Wondering if anyone visiting this site used to listen to Radio Forth in the late seventies early eighties? There were a huge number of people writing in with all sorts of pseudonyms (Clash City Rocker, Cryptic Crucifix, Lonesome Kate, Baby Bush too name a few) and we’d meet up at gigs or in Princes Street Gardens.

Anna Posted:

Nov 22, 2010 – 13:22:21

I think i have played at most of these gigs in the early 80’s, in bands like the provokers, the mudsharks, hey elastica & many more. great site, great memories…i think?

K Burns Posted:

Nov 19, 2010 – 00:02:26

Thank you to both Jacqueline and Fiona. Glad you like the site.

Simon Posted:

Nov 08, 2010 – 14:10:35

Thanks for a great site, Brilliant.

fiona logan Posted:

Nov 06, 2010 – 21:46:48

Thanx for a gr8 site! I was at lots of the 1964/5/6 concerts at the ABC Lothian Road, and it’s gr8 to see the pix!!!Really nostalgic, and wasn’t I lucky to have had a second row (B Stalls)seat at the Beatles April 29th 1966 show!!! Never to be forgotten. I saw them, but didn’t hear them above the sreaming! THANX again, Jackie

Jacqueline Sopp Posted:

Nov 04, 2010 – 00:23:29

Thanks very much Colin.

Simon Posted:

Sep 20, 2010 – 17:45:51

Edinburgh had so many fabulously talented and creative musicians at the time. Lots of real, dedicated characters working behind the scenes too. Your site evoked so many fantastic memories of it all. Don’t stop.

Colin M Posted:

Sep 19, 2010 – 22:47:12

Thanks very much Huggydrums

Simon Posted:

Sep 18, 2010 – 12:49:06

goes without saying simon brilliant site mate

huggydrums Posted:

Sep 18, 2010 – 12:44:55

Hello Cyn Yes, that would be great if you could. Just send it to the address on the contact page. Thanks again

Simon Posted:

Sep 08, 2010 – 20:58:55

The framed sign, saying “Sold Out” is just like the one shown is this site. Would you like me to send a scan to this web site?

Cyn Posted:

Sep 06, 2010 – 19:02:01

I’m trying to find a concert stub of May 5, 1980, Eric Clapton at the Odeon Edinburgh. I see the scan on the site. I have a “Sold Out” framed sign from that concert.

Cyn Posted:

Sep 05, 2010 – 21:59:20

Enjoyed the trip down memory lane,keep up the good work.

Jimmy McG Posted:

Sep 05, 2010 – 14:14:07

You’ve just settled a bet in my favour that Mcghoos was a venue in 1966. no mention of the Top Storey above the snooker hall in Leith Street. Feeling my age! Great site.

stuart anderson Posted:

Aug 08, 2010 – 09:47:51

Thanks Iain

Simon Posted:

Jul 30, 2010 – 12:46:20

Found you by total accident. Like taking a holiday in my late teens. Fantastic

Iain Posted:

Jul 26, 2010 – 11:22:55

Thank you Marion, much appreciated.

Simon Posted:

Jul 20, 2010 – 14:24:58

Brilliant site.!Got the link from a friend. Been on it for hours, happily reminiscing. This site will solve differences of opinion with friends who’s memories are not so good. Keep up the good work…

marion Posted:

Jul 19, 2010 – 14:02:41

Of course R.R. That would be great if you could send some ticket scans. Always appreciated. Best wishes Simon

Simon Posted:

May 06, 2010 – 14:16:39

Brilliant site! I stumbled across this by accident and what a great find. I seemed to be the only person I know who remembered going to see a concert at The Leith Citadel and thought perhaps I had imagined it!! Great to see all the old cinemas/concert venues. I haave all my old concert tickets and could send some scans if they would be of use.

R.R. Posted:

May 05, 2010 – 15:03:06

Thanks Raymond! Yes it’s by no means definitive, could it ever be? If you can provide the dates for any that you think are missing I’ll be glad to add them.

Simon Posted:

Apr 26, 2010 – 12:42:40

Unbelieveable website, Fantastic, forgot I had been to so many brilliant gigs in the 70’s and 80’s Thanks for putting this together. I’m sure there are quite a few missing that I remember going to though.

Raymond Stewart Posted:

Apr 25, 2010 – 22:25:30

I was the original bass player with Mowgli and the Donuts but left before these gigs but I remember the female singer from Norwich and of course Wilf and Crunch the other originals. Great site which brings back the good times !! well those I can remember !!

Keith Rae Posted:

Apr 13, 2010 – 23:17:18

Greatl to see a pic of Mowgli & the Donuts, with Wilf Smarties (later produced earliest Wet Wet Wet hits and Christine Carter topping ‘The Niteclub’ page. I played with this wonderful little band until moving back to Canada in ’78. Gigs included Tiffany’s, Sterling and Glasgow Unis as well as down in and around Norwich.

Wayne Blanchard Posted:

Apr 10, 2010 – 19:23:40

Excellent website. Brings back so many memories. Well done!

Maria Gasparini Posted:

Apr 07, 2010 – 16:38:32

Great site! No mention of Huntly House (off Chambers Street)?

David Hutchison Posted:

Mar 26, 2010 – 15:49:48

Great site – will look over it much more in the coming months – keep up the excellent work.

Eddie Cairns Posted:

Mar 24, 2010 – 17:32:30

Brilliant..brought back a few memories from the hoochie coochie/nite club..recognised the flattop geezer with the ciggy. Will have to get the wifes fishnets on and get me black lippy out before I shuffle!

Dave Smith Posted:

Mar 23, 2010 – 23:20:38

Fantastic site- thanks for all the hard work, Simon, and keep adding the stubs!!!! All those brilliant bands .. and all the lost venues. Did we have fun or what???!!!

Luscious Lou Posted:

Feb 13, 2010 – 21:54:23

Great site, I’m sure I have an evening news advert for a gig I did in he West End club around ’78. Will have a look and fire it in.

dave Dudgeon Posted:

Feb 11, 2010 – 14:50:14

Viv of the Horrible Sexy Vampires – if you read this and want to be in touch, I was also (for a very short time i.e. 2 performances in the one night!) a part of the band. I know that soon after there was a name change to The Calloways. Drop me a line if you want to swap stories! I’ve a relevant ticket I’m scanning and sending to Simon when HSV played in 1981. Cheers, Harry.

harry Posted:

Feb 06, 2010 – 10:20:24

Does anyone remember or have interesting tales about; Justin’s in Rose Street – used to be across the lane from where Tickets Scotland is now, diagonally opposite The Kenilworth pub? I got my first copy of The Beatles (White Album) there in the mid-seventies, but strangely enough I can’t remember regularly going into the shop, given how centrally it was placed. A shop at the end of St John’s Road, Corstorphine, nearly at the Drumbrae roundabout, next to where Oddbins used to be. I think it was owned or run by Bob Malcolm who used to work for Radio Forth and it may have been called Motion. Mid-seventies to the early eighties, I guess. Katy’s Record Bar at Haymarket junction, in the area demolished in the eighties where the gentleman cider-drinkers now sit during the day. A shop near the end of Gorgie Road, nearly next to The Tynecastle Arms, probably where Dave’s Takeaway is now. Late seventies, I know because I bought the 7″ of Pretty Vacant there, with a Don Williams LP. Also got my first copy of Gene Clark’s No Other as a 49p cut-out. Going back to the sixties, very early seventies, there was another record shop on Gorgie Road about where the Seven Brothers cafe is now. Very nice bloke ran it, I bought The Tremeloes’ Silence is Golden 7″ there for 6/8. The business moved to Dundee Street near to Fountainbridge Library at some point.

Stuart Ferguson Posted:

Feb 04, 2010 – 12:34:27

effing brilliant man..takes me back to the days when real gigs happened and all for £3.50 well done on all the hard work. greg

greg borland Posted:

Jan 29, 2010 – 22:10:55

Thanks for putting this together. As a 14 year old schoolgirl, I used to haunt Aquarius up to 4 or 5 (school) nights a week, dancing non stop and keeping a keen eye open for fanciable boys. Very naughty, as I knew of course that I was well underage. Soon I was performing in various bands at many of the venues listed here, including Clouds, Nicky Tams, Tiffany’s, The Sorbonne, The Caley and many others. I played with and/or knew personally many of the known and not so known musicians, bands and promoters mentioned on here. I could tell many secrets and stories that would make your hair curl. Was also in the audience at too many of these gigs to even count them but wasn’t much of a ticket collecter. I do however have a few photos left to tell their own tales. As I looked through the pages here, I realised I do actually probably have enough stories myself to fill a book no problem. But as I am still busy earning money as a musician even after all these years (which is incredible when I think about it, as most of my contemporaries gave up long ago in favour of family, career, etc. and in not a few cases, drink, drugs and thus inevitably for quite a few of them, death) I just won’t have the time. I wonder if anyone would want to read it…?!

M Posted:

Jan 28, 2010 – 22:01:02

great site, love it! big respect to the painstaking work to capture our history xxx

dan Posted:

Jan 22, 2010 – 21:27:51

Great site, just one change. The Greenlight is listed as being at Holy Corner, that was actually The Greenhill. The Greenlight was run in the church hall, of the church on the corner of Viewforth and Gilmore Place.

Gordon Posted:

Jan 20, 2010 – 01:11:38

Love the web site! Has brought back lots of memories of buying vinyl and going to concerts in the years 1977-1985. Since 1986 have been living in Melbourne, Australia but retain collection of tickets, programs and autographs. Remember Nips o’ Brandy in The Cowgate? No live music I don’t think but a great jukebox and memorabilia all over the walls and ceiling. Became Sneaky Pete’s? Have sent an email with scans of tickets to Calton Studios jazz rock gig in 1977 – hope you got them and can use them. Thanks again for your excellent site. All the best. Harry.

Harry Posted:

Jan 18, 2010 – 04:28:56

found your site by accident looking for late70s early80s concert dates in edinburgh and was taken aback as to the amount of information regarding the music scene in edinburgh that you have gathered and going through concerts from the odeon and playhouse brought a lot of memories back for me especially after seeing the tickets on the screen. it must have took a lot of hard work to put all that together but i can honestly say you made my day today keep up the good work mate cheers watty.

gary watson Posted:

Jan 13, 2010 – 16:18:17

Edinburgh was always second to Glasgow for ‘rock’ gigs in my youth.But during the 80’s Edinburgh came into it’s own with a load of great bands not venturing to glasgow.I travelled regularly from the highlands to see many a band that wouldn’t venture north. Coasters was for me the best gig in the capitol around that time and “joe strummer”’ in ’88 was still one of the best i’ve ever seen!! I will dig out some photos and tix for you all.I’m reaching the big 50 soon and still hitting around 30 gigs a year (not including the festivals. keep this site running ,these stories need to be told.

Totto graham Posted:

Jan 01, 2010 – 19:58:18

A gem of a find. Claim to fame – I was at Boroughmuir and after school headed off to Clouds, Tiffanys etc to help unload the band’s gear. Pete Irvine and Barry White(regular music) were the promoters. If the gig sold out and Barry got pissed, there was every chance we got paid twice!! I have so many great memories of these fantastic gigs. PS always in the Tap before heading to JJs

David Posted:

Dec 17, 2009 – 21:14:19

Will hopefully add a wee bit on the “Tap” at some point. If I can find any info and photos etc…

null Posted:

Dec 11, 2009 – 19:58:31

What a delight to see. Any plans to at gigs at the Tap O’Lauriston?

Dee Posted:

Dec 11, 2009 – 07:01:40

What a wonderful sight… thought it may have finally have helped me recall which was actually my first gig. It was eith Lloyd Cole or Billy Bragg at the Caley Palais. Problem is The Commotions played twice in 1984, sandwiching a Blly Bragg gig!

Jim Gellatly Posted:

Nov 04, 2009 – 08:39:14

Great site what memories

null Posted:

Nov 01, 2009 – 19:53:39

Just spent a wonderful saturday evening, reading the listings and reminising on concerts of yesteryear. Thank you.

Jane Posted:

Oct 24, 2009 – 22:17:31

fantastic site

Chris Posted:

Oct 17, 2009 – 18:50:02

some good memories was at loads of these gigs and played a lot of them as well thanks for the trip down memorie lane vg.

bogie Posted:

Aug 26, 2009 – 20:20:21

Just stumbled across your site whilst ‘surfing’…brilliant stuff!!! Absolutely jam packed with goodies and information. Trying to assemble a similar listing to include on my own site for my home town of Southport (Lancs)…yawn!!! Keep up the good work. Rod

Rod Posted:

Aug 26, 2009 – 01:38:59

What a great walk down memory lane – The Who was my fav, 1979 at the Odeon, and the lucky recipient of Pete Townshend’s tambourine at the Playhouse in Feb, 1981 – still have it!

Ken McLeod Posted:

Aug 12, 2009 – 05:29:52

Great to find this site. I was in the Horrible Sexy Vampires and we supported 23 Skidoo in ’82.

Viv Posted:

Jun 28, 2009 – 12:47:41

and acdc jist off the boat .. leith town halls .. och aye

jim Posted:

Jun 11, 2009 – 23:08:15

jim Posted:

Jun 11, 2009 – 22:53:57

lucky us getting to see all those bands … frae tollcross ya bass… LOL those were the days my .. frr . Alex wis first .. but no really cause he wis supported by AWB ( Dundee crew .. I married Dundee lassie) 1977 playhouse white riot rules .. got chucked out of Nils earlier so no complainin .. Gentle Giant wis jist too much .. Hawkwind at Usher Hall 77 was mycellic .. never paid fer anything since the £1.25 for alex .. the 3 cans of carlsberg were much more expensive .. WING s if ye remember lost power half way through show . paul mc C had a wee stupid robot thing that strode aboot the stage .. i am sure it wis its fault ,, tho the Campbeltown pipers done the bis .. lucky us ,, P best singer eva .. Tubes x 2, Blondie x 2, 10cc xxx .. U2 Murrayfield,, Kanye where they used t kill the cooos ,, at the front ,, mair .. jim

jim Posted:

Jun 11, 2009 – 22:52:27

i remember going to see cheap trick in tiffanys st stephen street. i watched them come out of their van and i clearly remember rick neilson carring a glass case which contained a stuffed bird in was later seen on one of the speakers behind him on stage.funny how somethings stick in your mind.anyway i found out that they were staying in the caledonian hotel and headed up there with my sister and her boyfriend.we got into the loungebar and met with rick and tom peterson who gave me their autographs then proceeded to ask my sister up to their room nwithout her boyfriend!! i guess they were used to getting girls quite easy in the states!!.needless to say we were shown the door soon after.

null Posted:

May 29, 2009 – 18:54:30

Just doing a bit of research for an ex-Leith citizen who now lives in Newry, Northern Ireland, and came across this fantastic site! She is going to love this! Well done everyone!

Warrenpoint Posted:

May 28, 2009 – 23:49:39

does no one remember the caves club in blair street..? we turned it into an arts lab.better fun without chavs !!

dreamweaver Posted:

May 03, 2009 – 23:40:28

I lived in Ediburgh from 1976 to 1989 and went to most of these venues and attended quite a few of the listed gigs. Looking through this site brought back so many great memories of this period of my life. there was live music everywhere and most of it bloody good too!

Ian McLauchlan Posted:

Apr 22, 2009 – 04:14:03

Glad you like the site Andrew. According to the Black Sabbath official website, the 1982 Ingliston gig was cancelled due to heavy snow. Perhaps you saw them here another year? Playhouse wise, I still have a load of Playhouse tickets and dates to add, so perhaps the dates you mention will be amongst these. Thanks again Simon

Simon Posted:

Apr 20, 2009 – 01:57:24

Hi, Great website! Brought back a few memories of great times at concerts over the years. I’m sure I saw Motorhead at Edinburgh Playhouse – 1982 (Bomber tour I think), and also Uriah Heep (Abominog tour) in the Playhouse again in 1982, but couldn’t find them in the list. Vardis as well, sometime in 1982 at the Playhouse I think. I’m sure I eventually did see Black Sabbath (Mob Rules tour) at Ingliston in 1982 as well. although the list says the concert was cancelled. Also, Mike and the Mechanics at the Usher Hall I think sometime in 1995/6. Unfortunately I chucked out my ticket stubs ages ago, but I could possibly check with friends if they stil have theirs. Anyway, thanks for putting this resource on the web. Cheers, Andrew Ralto

Andrew Ralton Posted:

Apr 19, 2009 – 15:18:03

brilliant idea getting this together,I played in theMonos/Solos and later in the Persian Rugs,a trip down…..

jamie watson Posted:

Mar 21, 2009 – 17:49:06

Can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying this. It’s not just the ones I saw, it’s the ones that got away! AAAARGGHHH!!

Fraser Posted:

Mar 13, 2009 – 04:24:29

Superb site! I have tapes of many of the gigs from 1980 to 1990 at these venues – was only ever ‘captured’ at Coasters at The Smiths gig there!!! Happy days!

Iain Wishart Posted:

Feb 26, 2009 – 08:34:32

Writing about THE POLICE as a support band made me think of seeing TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS playing support to NILS LOFGREN at the Playhouse. I was/am a fan of both but NILS is a bigger talent if you ask me. Between the tour being booked and the gig happening TOM PETTY had had a minor hiy single (AMERICAN GIRL). The gig sold out,filled up with people wanting to see Petty. Petty played for ages and people left before Nils came on but Nils did not let us down. I can’t remember a similar situation where the support act was more popular with the crowd than the headliners.

Ian Brown Posted:

Jan 29, 2009 – 23:29:04

I love this site,so many memories. One day I will get organised and list all my gigs that I have tickets for with some memories. One thing I must mention is that when THE PRETENDERS played TIFFANY’S with UB40 in support Chrissie did not wear her leather jacket,she wore silk jockey outfit,I have the photos somewhere. Perhaps the person who mentions this has got mixed up with the earlier gig. I am glad you list the gig where THE POLICE played support to ALBERTO LOS PARANOIS,I have told people about this and they don’t always believe me. I remember STING telling the girls in the crowd that the band were so poor they were sleeping in their van but they would not mind if someone could give them a floor to sleep on. The BEAT gig listed for TIFFANYS was great,there were more support acts than this because it was a ROCK AGAINST RACISM gig,I have a poster somewhere.

Ian Brown Posted:

Jan 29, 2009 – 23:21:03

Please note that the Rolling Stones played in the Usher Hall in 1964 and the support band were Freddie and The Dreamers. I was there when I should have been playing table tennis and I was 14!

null Posted:

Dec 02, 2008 – 18:30:09

Thanks Terence, Glad you like the site. Yes the Madness show was a quid! And do you rememeber the “support band” was a magician, as it was for under 16’s. The evening show support was “John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett” Thanks again

Simon Posted:

Nov 24, 2008 – 17:41:50

This is fantastic Simon. The Madness Matinee was my first gig as well, I think it was a quid and finished by five ?! so many memories , but not a lot of stubs unfortunately, hopefully I can put some info together for you. Cheers, wonderful idea.

Terence Swartz Glancy Posted:

Nov 14, 2008 – 19:54:29

Some fantastic memories fron ’78 – ’81 Looking back I must have spent all my time on the train from Dunfermline and back. Keep up the great work Many thanks, Mac

Mac Posted:

Nov 10, 2008 – 23:29:40

fantastic site

neilstirling Posted:

Nov 03, 2008 – 19:50:17

Thank you brought back memories as I won a ticket to see the Beatles at ABC in 1964

Jacquiu sharp Posted:

Oct 17, 2008 – 16:25:45

The first gig entry under the Empire Theatre immediately brought back a happy night. Black Sabbath were riding high in the charts with Partanoid but support band Curved Air blew them away. 3 encores !! I was never one for keeping ticket stubs but wish I did now.

Rab Q Posted:

Oct 16, 2008 – 17:19:11

Thanks very much for all the info John. You mention the band Brody, I’m soon going to be adding a couple of Brody tickets I have come across. One is at the Playhouse along with Ignatz & Preying Mantis dating to ’76, and the other is unusally at the Dominion in ’77. I understand the first record shop you worked in was Hot Licks, I just wondered if you can remember any bands doing in store signings there?? By the way if you look at the shop at 32 Cockburn Street you can still see Hot Licks sign writing raised under the new paint, which is weird it’s still there!! Thanks again…. Best wishes Simon

Simon Posted:

Sep 27, 2008 – 18:25:15

What a wonderful site. Well done. Keep up the good work Cheers Ralph

Ralph MacGillivray Posted:

Sep 18, 2008 – 21:19:30

Few bits and bobs..There was a small venue in the early 70’s at the end of East Fountainbridge almost above the ‘Burke and Hair’. There was a Reo Stakis Steak House next door. The venue was called The ‘Harness’. Populated by Afghan Coats and Incence sticks. You went up a narrow stair case and into a large room. The only bands I can remember 🙂 were ‘Three Up’ who played Cream, Hendrix and similar. The ‘Yellow Carvell’ in Hunters Sq was a regular for us students in the early 1970’s. Local bands like Shifting Steel and Chow Parrot? played there. Another place was Nicky Tams Tavern in Victoria St. The basement had a rock disco,the middle floor had rock bands and the top floor (not the street level, had a piano bar. The manager was a colourful bloke called Iain Gordon. The street level was only an entrance then with his office. Edinburgh’s top local band at the time was Broady, who’s sound man was Johnny Ramsey, who latter became the Simple Minds sound man. In earlier years the place was a folk club. The Student Health Cent in Bristo Street area, had lots of bands on and if you weren’t a student you had to find one in a bar and bribe em with beer to sign you in. I saw Canned Heat, AC/DC, Ginger Baker (BGA), Kokomo, Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers and Slade there. There were lots of others around thids time (1971-74)Including Fleetwood Mac. There was a small second hand record shop near by called ‘Headquarters’ it was in a basement and you could score tickets and.. ‘Acid’.. ‘Pink Micro Dot’ there before the gigs up the road.

John Edwards (Hog’s Head Music / Vinyl Villains) Posted:

Sep 14, 2008 – 01:41:34

Thanks Sylvia… Keep an eye on the ABC page, as I am just about to add some fan pictures of the Beatles, maybe you might even see yourself in the crowd!!

Simon Posted:

Sep 09, 2008 – 20:21:27

won the ticket to see the beatles in the ABC Regal 1964 Mary Wells was on the bill & Tommy Quickly what a great experience it was didn’t have to queue for the ticket. Mind you didn’t hear a thing “GREAT”

sylvia Posted:

Sep 09, 2008 – 08:48:31

One additional TD concert: 3.11.76 Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland. 8.00pm. (Wednesday)

Andy K Posted:

Sep 06, 2008 – 15:21:36

Excellent site, one thing though you’re missing a Tangerine Dream concert: 19.11.74 The Caley Picture House/Cinema, Edinburgh (31 Lothian Road), Scotland. Presented by Edward Jackson in association with the Virgin Agency. 8pm. (Tuesday)

Andy K Posted:

Sep 06, 2008 – 15:18:50

Thank you very much for your kind comments Spaewaif. Any scans would be very much appreciated, just get in touch via the address on the contact page. Thanks again…. Simon

Simon Posted:

Sep 05, 2008 – 14:16:54

What an incredible site and resource!A lot of work has gone into this and it is much appreciated.As a The Freeze fan,I have myself some scans.Interested?

spaewaif Posted:

Sep 05, 2008 – 13:29:39

Really enjoyed looking at your site. Well done!

Keith Posted:

Aug 28, 2008 – 20:12:46

fantastic sight – brings back so many memories. Gigs I went to that are not detailed are – The Jam at The Odeon & Ingliston.Big Audio Dynamite at Queens Hall & Playhouse,The Smiths at The Playhouse, Red Wedge at Playhouse, Style Council & Big Country at Playhouse,Pop will Eat Itself at The Kangaroo Club (ustairs at Outer Limits), Dexys & Joe Boxers at Outer Limits, The Clash at Outer Limits when they passed round dimpled pint glasses for admission money.Also Curiosity Killed the Cat played Outer Limits around 8th May 87 as they then came upstairs to Bermuda Triangle & bought me a pint at my 21st birthday party. Incidentally, my dad saw Buddy Holly, Richey Vallence & The Big Bopper at the Usher Hall and also the Stones & Ella Fitzgerald there too – and the Beatkes at the old ABC on Lothian Road.

Andy Posted:

Aug 28, 2008 – 02:53:08

Great site, got a raft of old tickets to be scanned, and stories to go with them….

Graham Posted:

Aug 27, 2008 – 20:58:29

Charlotte Posted:

Aug 15, 2008 – 15:12:28

message for Suz re the Kangaroo Klub & Shake – email me if you want to know what happened to Peter & Jim!

Charlotte Posted:

Aug 15, 2008 – 15:11:53

Ace idea, I’m addicted to this site

Sean Posted:

Jul 28, 2008 – 22:57:43

Found this site from a link on a Hibs message board (my other lasting love of Edinburgh). Brought back so many memories of my Edinburgh gig going days between 76 and 79 when I moved to London. Used to go to 4 or 5 gigs a week, mostly punk/new wave, bumping into the same crowd of nutters. Great days.

John Posted:

Jul 24, 2008 – 12:10:08

Great site,brought back a few memories.My band played with the Clash at the La Sorbonne,we were called The Heights.Didn’t have any idea till we turned up or the gig and it was packed,met Joe and he was happy to go on first,they were great and Joe bought me a pint and sat and chatted after the gig,God Bless Him,Cheers Tim

Tim Keppie c/o Hogs Head Music Posted:

Jul 19, 2008 – 20:56:14

Great site, I was in a 60s band the “Jokers” good memories


Jun 19, 2008 – 14:27:36

I don’t know how I came across this but I’m glad I did. I was at The Cramps gig in ’86 in the old Festival Theatre, also at the Ramones in the Playhouse – seem to remember the front six rows or so of seats being ripped up during their set, still have the tickets.What I was really looking for was whether anyone out there remebered the Kangaroo Club and The Shake and what ever happened to Jim and Peter?

Suz Posted:

Jun 17, 2008 – 21:31:24

gret idea, great site. Fascinating Cheers

Alan Posted:

Jun 05, 2008 – 18:21:19

Great effort putting this together. Had me digging out my own stubs.Within a six week period in mid 1980 I saw Thin Lizzie , Average White Band ( Edinburgh )and Bob Marley ( Glasgow Apollo). Total cost to see all three ….£ 11.75 !!!!

Jim Posted:

May 27, 2008 – 22:28:20

brilliant idea, total nostalgia – tiffany’s and the niteclub – so many memories (some clearer than others)

sheelagh Posted:

May 20, 2008 – 17:50:51

Thank you for your memories below of The White Elephant Kenny.

Simon Posted:

May 12, 2008 – 14:42:20

Fantastic memories from 72’ it was 32p to get in and that also included a supper which consisted of a slice of razor sliced spam and tomato and 5 stone cold chips, this was to allow the late licence, all that + great bands, guys with tank tops, flairs and big ties and loads of lovely gals with flowery dresses, Estee Lauder Youth dew and Tabu perfume and not forgetting the feather haircuts for both guys and gals. Oh one last thing, the dj was called Ian and he worked in Berry International menswear in Lothian Road during the day……….Golden Years even though no one looks particularly happy on the dance floor!!!!!….last record was alway Please Stay!!

Kenny Herbert Posted:

May 06, 2008 – 09:21:07

Who rememebers the COMFORT playing at the Gamp club in 1969/1970?


Apr 08, 2008 – 12:26:19

Just fond this, and scanning some tickets you don’t seem to have now for you.

Davie Posted:

Apr 06, 2008 – 19:55:10

great site, i will need to scan some old tickets for you sometime

rich Posted:

Mar 29, 2008 – 00:31:14

Brilliant site!!! As a youngster, never realised so many fantastic people played the Odeon, wish I’d been around then. Cheers Tom

Tom Posted:

Mar 16, 2008 – 18:16:51

Great! Thank you…….

Peter Posted:

Mar 07, 2008 – 22:09:35

great site brought back some good memories alyn

alyn Posted:

Jan 15, 2008 – 20:29:30

great site

bob Posted:

Dec 09, 2007 – 01:15:46

Nice site! Check out the forthcoming ARCHIVE OF SCOTTISH POPULAR MUSIC on Full website to come soon!

Archive of Scottish Popular Music Posted:

Dec 04, 2007 – 16:48:07

Great site!! Looking forward to more entries, and trips down memory lane….keep up the good work.

Gareth Posted:

Oct 05, 2007 – 22:12:33