Calton Studios/Studio 24

The Calton Studios was originally a TV studio, hence the original name.  In 1977 it was converted into a small cinema, subsequently it has been used as a club/music venue.

Calton Studio’s/Studio 24 20th April 2009. ©S.S. 2009.

  • 1978  24th February Stiffs Live Tour film
An invitation to a screening of the Stiffs Live Tour film.  Thank you to Oddfellow for this item
  • 1979 14th February Allan Holdsworth, John Stevens, John Taylor, Jeff Clyne
  • 1980  17th November Cadiz
Thank you to Keith More & Nick Grieve for this scan.
  • 1984  19th May Helen & The Horns
Thank you to Andy Mitchell for this ticket.
  • 1987  26th June Mike Heron, & The Battarts
  • 1988  10th March The Offhooks & The Pterodaktyls
  • 1989  27th May The Birdhouse, Therapy, Complications & Upapa Epops
  • 1989  11th June The Swans, & The Wolfgang Press
  • 1989  7th July The Indian Givers, & Slice
  • 198913th October Ghost Dance
  • 1989  3rd November The House Of Love
  • 1989  17th November James, support band The Australians 
  • 1989  24th November Green On Red, & special guests Summerhill
  • 198925th November Mudhoney & The Cateran
  • 1989  14th December The Men They Couldn’t Hang
Thank you to David McLeod for this ticket.
  • 1990  18th June Grant Hart’s Nova Mob, & The Cateran
  • 1990  28th June Revenge, support band The Wendys
  • 1990  4th October The Men They Couldn’t Hang
  • 1990  23rd October Ride
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
  • 1990  25th October Lush
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
  • 1990  26th October Nirvana, support bands L7, Shonen Knife, The Vaselines
  • 1990  28th October Synergy with The Shamen
Thank you to Mark Fleming for this ticket.
  • 1990  28th November Crazyhead
  • 1991  25th January EMF
  • 1991  1st March Throwing Muses
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
  • 1991  27th April Julian Cope
  • 1991  1st July Chapterhouse, & Thousand Yard Stare
  • 1991  20th September Slowdive
Thank you to Grant Scrivener for this scan.
  • 1991  29th November Nirvana, support bands Captain America, Shonen Knife (see also Southern Bar related gig under miscellaneous venues).
  • 1992  9th February The Smashing Pumpkins
  • 2004  21st November Hayseed Dixie, & Rockstar
Thank you to Ian Dunipace for this scan.
  • 2004  25th November Eastpak Resistance Tour
  • 2007  8th December VNV Nation
A review by the late Johnny Waller from Sounds dated 9th August 1980.  Can anyone confirm an exact date for this Calton Studios gig?  Thank you to Gordon for this scan.