Kings Theatre

 The Kings theatre on Leven Street opened in 1906.  Only very occasionally used for concerts.

The Kings theatre 2009. ©S.S. 2009.
  • 1973  28th January Led Zeppelin 
Thank you to David Evans for this rare ticket.
Two examples of programmes from this date.  Probably both unofficial.
Poster for this tour.  All tickets £1.00….!
  • 1973  17th, 18th, & 2 shows on the 19th May Monty Python

(Interestingly Michael Palin writes in his diary book, about being kept awake in the Forte Posthouse hotel at the zoo, as a certain Mr David Bowie was staying in the same hotel, on the same floor.  David Bowie had just played The Empire on the Saturday 19th May.  Palin remembers the Bowie entourage being a relief from the usual grey suited types, and recalls the lobby being full of Bowie people and equipment on the morning of Sunday 20th, also being particularly impressed by Bowie’s Dodge van complete with blacked out windows). 

Thank you to Margaret Mackie for these three King’s Theatre programmes above.  Lots of interesting period adverts to peruse.